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Discussion in 'Cellador' started by BillHudson, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. BillHudson

    BillHudson Member

    Mar 26, 2007
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    Yes, technology has gotten to me. After procrastinating for so long, I'm finally starting to teach guitar online!
    For more than 10 years I've taught students both in Brazil and the USA, and had to deal with problems such as:

    - Being on tour (which makes it harder for students to progress due to extended periods of time with no lessons),
    - Not being able to teach interested people who live outside of my immediate area (let's face it: living in midwest USA or BRAZIL doesn't help the cause),
    - Weather conditions (who wants to leave their house on a below zero temperature?), etc.

    Honestly, the idea of online lessons always seemed weird to me, until I saw a good friend teaching. I realized that with an internet connection,
    a computer and a webcam almost anything is possible and the problems mentioned above can be solved. In fact, in my opinion, it's even better
    because when you don't leave your house, all you need to do is keep working on the examples while they're fresh in your mind. No driving back home,
    no distractions, no pieces of paper that can get lost.

    E-mail me at with the subject "ONLINE LESSONS". Please include your name, city (country if outside USA) and the days and times that work best for you (Central Time, please).
    You'll then receive a reply with a zip file containing all the necessary softwares for the lessons and all the information you'll need.

    Cost per lesson will be US$ 30 for a full hour (half hour lessons never worked and never will). Payment for 1 month in advance is required before the first lesson. For example, you'd be paying for 4 April lessons on the last lesson of March.
    Unlimited consultation via e-mail or instant messenger will be provided.

    Lessons can be taught in English or Portuguese.

    Still skeptical? I'm offering a FREE TRIAL that will last 15 minutes to help you make your decision.

    E-mail me now at or message me through my MySpace Page.

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