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Outliar - Taste The Blood is out NOW!

Discussion in 'New Metal Band Showcase' started by Outliar Metal, Sep 6, 2018.

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    Outliar Metal

    Sep 6, 2018
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    Apex, NC
    For fans of Testament, Death Angel, Lamb Of God, Exodus, etc. Get more details here:

    Official videos for "Pillars" and "Where It Ends" can be found here:

    More about us: group4desatlogoV2 (1).jpg readproof1 (1).jpg

    2018 is the year of both significant and positive change for Outliar. Thrash metal enthusiasts worldwide will reap the benefit of those changes in the form of the latest offering from Outliar entitled “Taste The Blood”. It is an incredibly focused, intense and mature album that should put Outliar in prime position to take the thrash metal community by storm.

    A brief history of Outliar shows the release of their debut album, Provoked To Anger, in early 2012. That album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jamie King (Between The Buried And Me, The Contortionist, Wretched) at The Basement Recording NC in Winston-Salem, NC. The album was self-released and very well received by the underground metal community. The album featured a guest guitar solo on the track “Faceless Enemy”, recorded by the legendary James Murphy (Death, Obituary, Testament). Although a solid metal performance was turned in by Outliar, the record left the band wanting to focus more on the thrash metal sounds that influenced them more than any other genre. That is precisely where “Taste The Blood” differs significantly from its predecessor.

    “Taste The Blood” showcases a performance primarily rooted in aggressive thrash metal, while continuing to showcase death metal influence. The album, overall, is far more aggressive and relentless in its approach, which is immediately noticeable and consistent throughout the 10 song, 60+ minute journey. “Taste The Blood" features incredibly shredding guest guitar solos by both Steve Smyth (Forbidden, Nevermore, Testament) and Petri Kuusisto (Carnal Forge), as well as darkly beautiful violin work from Lyris Hung (Hung) throughout the 9+ minute instrumental featured on the record. The band, once again, enlisted Jamie King to handle recording, mixing and mastering duties for “Taste The Blood”.

    In order to capture the proper intensity and aggression that “Taste The Blood” demands, Outliar’s lineup required significant, positive change in almost every capacity. Enter into the Outliar fold, joining Ray J. Currie (guitars), the much improved lineup – Anthony Graham (vocals), Rick Ace (guitar), Cisco Rivera (bass) and Adam Hancock (drums). This lineup securely places Outliar into a very different place than they’ve ever been. These changes were absolutely necessary so that their sound could be accurately reflected in both the live environment, as well as help make their proper mark on the world of thrash metal.

    Guitarist Ray Currie adds: “We’re extremely proud of this record. It’s clearly our most aggressive and relentless material we’ve ever written, and we think our fans will agree. We can’t wait to see the reaction once the record is released with the much improved lineup, and we hope to properly represent the record in the live environment like never before.”

    “Taste The Blood” is a thrash metal album that is sure to please fans who enjoy both the classic and modern thrash stylized sound from legendary acts as Testament, Death Angel, Kreator, Overkill and Exodus. “Taste The Blood” is ready for worldwide release and distribution from a label that is willing to showcase the talent and intensity that Outliar will proudly bring to the thrash metal community.

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