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Discussion in 'Pathfinder Metalfest' started by Datis, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. Datis

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    Oct 15, 2006
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    As mentioned by Hoyt in the VIP Badge Information thread, I'll be providing the VIP Badge holders with several compilation CDs that will amount to 5 hours of FREE Quality Metal for their enjoyment. These compilations include:

    Warriors Of Metal Fest II compilation CD (pressed exclusively for ProgPower X grab bags). Running Time: 76:48 mins

    This compilation includes Warriors Of Metal Mixes from ASKA, ZEPHANIAH that you will not find anywhere else


    Warriors Of Metal Exclusive tracks from TWISTED TOWER DIRE, ANCIENT CREATION, and CATCH 22

    There's also a track from our own (Farvahar Record's) Swedish band GALLOWS END whose debut album we'll be releasing in early 2010.


    DJ Metal Daddy's Favorite Cuts which was the WOMFEST II exclusive Bonus compilation CD. These are the tracks I used on my Metal Radio show on to promote this Fest. Running Time: over 79 mins.

    This CD includes tracks of Metal bands from:

    USA, Sweden, Uruguay, Czech Republic, Denmark, Iran, Argentina, Brazil, Ukrane, Greece, Scotland and Portugal


    All Hallows Eve MetalFest II compilation CD produced by 494 Productions and myself. Running Time: 76 minutes.

    This CD included a track from all the participating bands that donated a track plus bonus tracks from bands in the following countries:

    Scotland, Sweden, Brazil, Poland, Japan, and Czech Republic


    The Pathfinder MetalFest Compilation CD produced by myself with the awesome cover art by Dan Scott of VOR. Running Time: 79:32 mins

    This CD includes submitted tracks from all the bands playing the Fest plus the Bonus Tracks from: CAGE (California, USA), LUNARIUM (Ohio, USA), EVAREST (Czech Republic), GALLOWS END (Sweden) *A brand new track from their debut album to be released Earlt 2010*, SEVEN KINGDOMS (Florida, USA), TEMPEST REIGN (Florida, USA)


    And of course, you have all sort of other perks to go with the purchase of the VIP badge for just $30!

    I'd say go for it!

    DJ Metal Daddy
    Farvahar Records
    Official Sponsor of the Warriors Of Metal Fest III (June 25 + 26, 2010)

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