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passive di's (half tone down) / Lasse's drumtrack

Discussion in 'Andy Sneap' started by 26, Jul 25, 2011.

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    Sep 15, 2007
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    Sirious B
    so some time ago i had to kill a black sunday and recorded some guitars/bass to the drumjam track from Lasse's thread.
    since he gave green light for posting (the drum track), here they are.

    when it comes to defintion on palm muted stuff the "Afwayu" in my Stinnett is (unfortunately) far from an EMG, so i focused more on chords etc.
    when working with amp sims i also sometimes take out 3db at 300hz because it's almost a little too much there for my taste.
    one track is humbucker, one in single coil mode.

    i'd like to think they are played to make a good (rock) amp sound good, so maybe somebody likes to try a little bit :)

    quick run with amp sim (wagner sharp):


    and Lasse's drumtrack (thanks :wave: )

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