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Peaceville Updates

Discussion in 'Metal News' started by Mark, Apr 4, 2002.

  1. Mark

    Mark Not blessed, or merciful

    Apr 11, 2001
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    Sarf Lundin, Innit
    Peaceville News/Release Schedule


    After years and years of CD heaven, we've listened to the vinyl
    junkies out there and on May 20th we will be releasing 5 albums
    on heavy black vinyl, yum yum.

    Turntable titles bound for the reload are:

    Opeth Still Life -double album/gatefold sleeve
    Anathema Alternative 4
    Darkthrone A Blaze In The Northern Sky
    Darkthrone Under A Funeral Moon
    Darkthrone Transylvanian Hunger

    Also on May 20th we will be re-releasing the fabulous CD by Trouble/Anathema super-group Lid, (a collaboration between Eric Wagner and Danny Cavanagh), digital re-mastered and with brand new artwork.

    Lid In The Mushroom

    We're already experiencing a positive response to the reaction of our first new signings of 2002, Swedish hardcore superstars The Great Deceiver. Expect great things from them this year.

    The Great Deceiver A Venom Well Designed (Release date May 20th)

    The Soundisciples stunning second album Audio Manifesto has now been put back to a June 3rd release, bringing it closer to the States release date of 4th June. The album will contain an enhanced video performance of the band, filmed at Bristol's Inferno Club.

    The Soundisciples Audio Manifesto (Release date June 3rd)

    Other prominent releases:

    The Anathema DVD which was originally scheduled for March has now been put back to April 22nd - the same day that we release My Dying Bride's DVD and their live album:

    April 22nd
    Anathema Visions Of A Dying Embrace DVD (Contains all promo vids + live in Poland performance)
    My Dying Bride For Darkest Eyes DVD (Contains all promo vids + live in Poland performance + extra live fan footage)
    My Dying Bride Voice Of The Wretched (Live) - Filmed in 2001 @ 013 Holland

    For up-to-date info on all MDB's live dates & festival appearances for 2001 please check out the bands website

    Akercocke are strongly rumoured to be included in the Wacken line up - more news as we get it!
  2. The Wanderer

    The Wanderer Watcher of the Storm

    Apr 28, 2001
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    Denver, Colorado, United States of Arrogance
    I want My dying bride vinyl. that would rule.

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