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Poetry you think would make good songs?

Discussion in 'The Philosopher' started by Halberd3, Sep 18, 2016.

  1. Halberd3

    Halberd3 Member

    Sep 7, 2016
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    Post em. Tell me what you think they'd be. I made one about two years ago called Broken Doll. Basically about the idea of becoming less and less human as time goes on.

    A castaway in Metal is left in the dust
    Sent through hell and earth and paid back in rust
    “(Clank, Clank)” So goes the sound of the prosthetics
    A looked down upon existence that’s now so pathetic
    Their bodies seen as a junkyard
    To be left in the past and the days before
    Metal scraps their skin like nails
    And does worse even worse if their organs shall fail
    The metal is a cold mountain and a reality to receive
    To receive immortality at the loss of their humanity
    To achieve the better alternatives within their enhanced minds
    Time shall do to them that which is not so kind
    They shall walk the Earth forever as it is the punishment they’ve received
    They all received immortality at the loss of their humanity
    They will walk through the deserts
    They will walk through the storms
    They will walk through the jungles
    They will walk through the cities
    They will walk through hell and live to tell the tale
    Only if the artificial organs don’t short out or fail
    To receive immortality itself is the best blessing
    But as to where your future or end lies then it shall keep you guessing
    One does not have to throw the curse unto all
    One broken mechanical body is just another broken doll
    One day the time will come for us to all fall
    But do you really want to die as just a broken doll?
    I sit by and scratch the writing into the white wall
    Broken prosthetic arm, I’m just another broken doll
    Time will do unto me what it has done unto others
    The death of a Cyborg is no less of a bother
    Left than as nothing more than a Ghost in the Shell
    Their time left on Earth will feel like a jail
    A prisoner within their own body but the virtual heaven will call
    Forward into the net therefor you are not a broken doll
    You live on forever no one there order to you all
    Your life has been renewed you were never a broken doll

    So throw em out there. You think this would make a good song?
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  2. Sonic Titan

    Sonic Titan Member

    Nov 1, 2016
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    Nice thread and good lyric, certainly fitting for a Metal track. The non-academic works of verse would fit well as songs, particularly in Metal. The French Symbolists, surrealists, dadaists, beats, imagists, objectivists, etc., all made verse that could merit a tune.
  3. CiG

    CiG Harbinger of Metal

    May 22, 2015
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    Sit on the throne,
    With a hole in the seat.
    Sit on my face,
    While I beat my meat.
    Showers of gold,
    My rod is King Midas.
    Follow the yellow brick road,
    and leave tin corpses behind us.
  4. metalized

    metalized Member

    Sep 10, 2001
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    not there

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