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Porcupine Tree and Paatos at the London Astoria.

Discussion in 'Non-Opeth Music Chat' started by affinityband, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. affinityband

    affinityband Member

    Mar 12, 2005
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    Brackley, England
    Well ladies and gents it was a lovely evening. The night started round sof hogarths house where we were waiting for her dad and his hot danish girlfriend to pick us up. He was late, and there was traffic so i was almost in tears at the notion i wouldnt be able to see paatos(But they were giving me guest passes so i couldnt really complain, could i?).
    We got there so i could see the final 3 songs. I was completely in love, the songs i caught properly were Absinth Minded and Sensor. Throughout these two songs which i savoured i was pretty much fixed to the way Hux was drumming, absoloute class. No less. hes got chops to say the least. Played a soulful set and petronella was on high form.
    After paatos left the stage some tool of a girl wearing a deftones shirt was saying very loudly to some guy how much paatos blew. dick.
    Paatos' merchandise stall was now open so i must top myself and sof up with drinks. It just so happened Peter and Stefan were running the stall, not many people were there so i bought a t shirt and cd and had a brief chat with them, congradulated them/thanked them and made my way. Didnt want to seem very fanboyish...
    Next up was PT, by now the guest area had filled up. And one guy that caught my eye was the Massive Attack drummer. Scary looking fellow, but lovely chap. He was kinda a family friend of the hogarths so he was pretty nice while i was talking to him, i was starstruck though as massive attack was something i grew up on.
    PT hit the stage and for the first 45 mins or so they played never recorded, next album stuff. Out of thise host of songs they performed a brandnew 20 min track. Which even for myself really not liking porcupine tree very much, was actually very good. It had a dark tinge to it.
    Id say for the remander of PT's set i was very bored, They dont really improvise or leave room for imagination, played the songs how they should be and it all sounds very stilted. No doubt it was good, it just isnt what i look for in a live show. The evening was finished off with blackest eyes(and i was watching andy(massive attack drummer) air-drum along too:oops: )

    So after the show the gang all showed up. I have to say the members of porcupine tree are a quiet bunch except for richard and wes who are very chatty, genuine guys. So i was talking to them for a while. Gavin harrison is huge and talks like a gangsta i didnt really get a word in at all. I wasnt trying to be honest. Then steven wilson came out and i must say hes very shy, again i didn make much of an effort until we were at the bar later when we were saying good buy, which takes forever with steve hogarth, he loves everyone. I thanked steven wilson for being put on the guest list and bought him a drink or whatever, said the ol take cares n whatever...

    Baisiclly it was an excellent evening that couldve run a little smoother at the end of things. I was totally privaliged to be put on the guest list and i thank all of them for the oppertunity.
  2. Heckelgruber

    Heckelgruber Fudgenator

    Oct 12, 2005
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    Hampshire, UK
    Damn you. I was there too, albeit in the proletarian area. :p

    I thought Pork Tree were good, and their set was massive - almost 2 1/2 hours. The Deadwing songs they played seemed to go down very well. Paatos started really early and it was a bit disappointing they didn't play longer because they were fantastic. I don't know most of their stuff, but it seemed as if they extemporised and lengthened their instrumental parts to great effect.
  3. biggsy

    biggsy New Metal Member

    Sep 18, 2005
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    Bendigo, Australia
    You know what affinity... fuck you!:p Argh you lucky son of a bitch! I wish they'd come out to Australia! Thanks for the write up;)

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