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Presonus Studio One Update 1.0.1

Discussion in 'Backline' started by jhrv, Oct 17, 2009.

  1. jhrv

    jhrv Member

    Mar 27, 2007
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    Studio One Update 1.0.1 is now up on Presonus website.

    The Studio One Pro and Studio One Artist 1.0.1 update fixes the following issues:

    - Mac OS X: Crash on quit under OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
    - Mac OS X: Broken [Ctrl] + [Tab] key command
    - Mac OS X: AU automation
    - Mac OS X: Core Audio not starting on some Mac OS X systems
    - Mac OS X: Broken [Option] + [A] key command
    - Windows: VST plug-ins do not find their DLLs (Line 6 PodFarm or Emu X3)
    - Windows 7: Flickering timeline cursor
    - Hanging notes in Mojito
    - Presence modulation
    - Preview player does not stop when file is sent to Sample One
    - Crossfade issue with contiguous events
    - Resizing grouped crossfades
    - Recent Songs list not working when relocating documents folder
    - Monitoring setting lost when dragging in new virtual instrument
    - Save Solo wasn’t working for instrument tracks
    - Having to paste automation points into a instrument part twice when the envelope did not exist yet
    - Automation duplicate issue
    - Tracks were reordered after you dragged-and-dropped a file
    - Doubled notes with looped playback
    - Too many values in timeline ruler
    - If you time-stretched audio and reversed the audio, time-stretching was undone
    - Timeline ruler redraw issue
    - Click-sounds setting not restored
    - Incorrect track-transpose display
    - First take has wrong sample rate after sample rate switch when loading song
    - Removing soloed track leaves tracks muted
    - Pro EQ low-frequency shelf setting not restored
    - Pipeline crashes when you use the maximum sample offset
    - When you right-click on time-ruler, context menu fails to appear
    - No auto-scrolling in large mixer
    - In the mixer, text color is more visible on dark-colored channel
    - MIDI timing for external devices
    - Hanging notes with external devices
    - MIDI timing errors (notes were recorded too early)
    - VST3 parameter folders not supported
    - VST3 channel reconfiguration bug
    - Text-entry field not cleared
    - Wave zoom slider stuck
    - Lost sidechains
    - Hangs when quitting while Channel menu is open
    - Copying duplicated audio events to another Song
    - De-Normalization issue on input/output meters
    - Ogg Vorbis encoder crash
    - MP3 encoder error crashed entire program
    - Encoding mono MP3s generates incorrect pitch
    - Mixdown with instruments that have a delay could cause an offset in the audio
    - Consolidate Audio could create empty files
    - Overlapping instrument labels
    - Notes drawn outside instrument part
    - MIDI File pitch-bend import not correct
    - Exported MIDI file not working with Apple Logic
    - Return to Start on Stop not a global option
    - Improved take names in the unpack function
    - Would not step through SoundFont presets in Preset menu
    - Key command Duplicate not working in Pro Tools map

    The Studio One Pro and Studio One Artist 1.0.1 has the following enhancements:

    - N key command for Snap on/off
    - Reset whole event volume curve with Shift+CMD click
    - Fine adjust event volume by Shift+Alt+(+/-) or Shift+mouse
    - Select notes by pitch on the keyboard in the music editor (Cmd+mouse click selects all in part, Cmd+Alt+mouse click selects all in track)
    - Highlight active menu item
    - MMC (Midi Machine Control) receiver in external devices list (PreSonus/MMC)
    - Audio event gain now up to +24 db
    - Export enabled in Demo Version
    - Extended Tempo Range to 400 bpm
  2. Jarkko Mattheiszen

    Jarkko Mattheiszen The FU guy.

    Jul 31, 2006
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    Lappeenranta, Finland
    Whoa, judging entirely from the problems described there and not even trying the program, sounds like it was released pretty unfinished :O Anyone still given this one a more thorough test drive?

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