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Professional Metalcore/Deathcore YouTube Channels For Live Shows

Discussion in 'Metal Concert Discussion' started by JoshISMFOF, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. JoshISMFOF

    JoshISMFOF New Metal Member

    Mar 14, 2018
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    I am looking for YouTube Channels that record full live metalcore/deathcore shows professionally.

    I need recommendations for YouTube Channels that record PROFESSIONALLY!
    By that, I don't want recordings from inside the crowd on their cell phones, nor from the back recording the stage.

    I want preferably multiple camera angles with high quality cameras like a DSLR or comparable.
    I would also want the sound quality to be amazing! For example, where the vocals are clear, specific guitars are on specific audio channels. (eg. Guitar left ear, rhythm right ear).

    I am aware of CaliberTv as an example but as of late they have only been uploading one live song at a time. I'm looking for mainly channels that record the entire show.

    Another example that I wouldn't mind is ones recorded from large festivals like, Wacken Open Air, or anything like the europeans do with television professional quality, cameras on tracks, cranes, etc. This is not a must. I'm mainly looking for CaliberTV professional style of quality.

    List as many as you know.

    Appreciate it a lot, Thanks. :)

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