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Progressive Thrash Metal band XSeed from IE California

Discussion in 'Self-Promotion' started by jknobull, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. jknobull

    jknobull Member

    Apr 3, 2007
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    This is my band Xseed. I'm one of the guitarist Jason. We currently reside in Upland, CA which is in between Inland Empire and Los Angles County. We currently have a drummer, but he sucks, his double bass sucks. HE not really a metal drummer. When we first met him, he wanted to do alternative like Tool, Perfect Circle, etc. Thats fine, but not what were doing. I told him we are Thrash metal and he started to chuckle like I was joking. That pissed me. We (guitarists) have never liked this dude since we met. So we gave him a shot, he turned out to be okay. So we started to jam with him cause for some reason around here, drummers are very hard to come by. When we jam with this guy, he trys to run the show and call the shots, telling us to play some alternative, and even Sublime! Were like WTF. So I told him dude its not gonna work out, you've gotta go. He was a little bitch about it, but that tough. So in the mean time, we were looking for a drummer, I put up adds, use craigslist, bandmix, musician finder, etc. never get any calls. Then, right out of the blue, out first drummer calls back saying he wants to jam with us and he will jam anything we tell him, plus he got a new set. So we deiced to give him a second chance. He was working out good, but then he started in with his bul shit again, thinks hes god gift to mankind, etc. We do some Metallica covers like Master and Fade. When we play them, he always plays them at different speeds. Last time we played Fade, he was playing the last solo part friggin slow, so when James (other guitar) is playing the solo, hes going slower and that pissed us off. Plus we've been covering Raining Blood for over 2 months and he still cant get the damn double bass down. Also, we told him to learn She-Wolf, and he makes up excuses saying its hard, but still hasent got it. we've had it with the dude, hes gotta go. So we have been looking for drummer, bassist, and vocalist this whole time! We never stopped looking for a drummer. Sorry for the long speech, just had to get it out. So if anyones in the Inland Empire are, come check us out at the Vibe in Riverside. You'll see our drummer and know what were taking about.

    Hey Everyone! Bring you and your friends to come see XSeed at the Vibe Thursday night in Riverside. Come have a good time and enjoy a good metal show!

    The Vibe
    1805 University Ave.
    Riverside, California 92507

    bands start playing around 08:00pm

    We hope you see you there! :)

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