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Pros and cons of each metal subgenre?

Discussion in 'General Metal Discussion' started by yungstirjoey666, Apr 8, 2021 at 10:47 AM.

  1. yungstirjoey666

    yungstirjoey666 New Metal Member

    Dec 15, 2019
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    This is basically a thread on what you find good and bad in each metal subgenres. This is merely a subject of opinion.

    1. Heavy metal

    Pro: Probably my favorite one of all. It just sounds so pure and basic; not overdone. You can't beat the classics.

    Con: Sometimes it's hard to classify which band is truly "heavy metal" or actually just hard rock.

    2. Thrash metal

    Pro: Some of the most badass riffs and songs are in this genre, also some of the most meaningful and truthful song lyrics, the perfect balance of being very heavy, but not too heavy

    Con: I feel like unless if you're trying to do something unique, you'd sound like a typical metal band (eg. playing Slayer in E tuning sounds like most other typical 80s thrash metal band), also the majority of well-known thrash metal bands are the classics, not so many new well-known bands.

    3. Death metal

    Pro: Awesome blast beats, very versatile as a genre, I especially love the Gothenburg instrumentals

    Con: Sometimes the death growls can be cringy and even unnecessary, some bands have lyrics that may be too much for people

    4. Power metal

    Pro: Nice fantastic/mythological lyrical themes and aesthetics, light and epic, great concepts

    Con: Choruses can be repetitive, can be a bit too cheesy, usually doesn't has that dark feel most metalheads are into

    5. Black metal

    Pro: Very gnarly and sinister; no music is as evil as this

    Con: Aside from the controversial Norwegian scene in the 90s, this is probably not so appealing to most people, way too gnarly for my liking

    6. Doom metal

    Pro: Has that pretty nice and dark, depressing sound

    Con: I feel like most bands are being a bit too much like Black Sabbath, hence why it's not very common in the heavy metal community

    7. Symphonic and folk metal

    Pro: Heavy metal with symphonies or folk instrumentals, what a great combo (although I also like the inclusion of edm with metal)

    Con: Sometimes it can be overkill; I prefer one of the elements to be a bit lighter than the other

    8. Progressive/technical metal

    Pro: Musically complex, very philosophical or surreal concepts

    Con: Sometimes I feel like they're being complex for the sake of complexity

    9. Metalcore

    Pro: A few great bands, such as As I Lay Dying and Killswitch Engage, I also love that death metal verse/clean chorus cliche

    Con: A lot of other not-so-good bands overshadow the great ones, usually generic, and borrows too much from melodic death metal

    10. Glam metal

    Pro: If you're not serious about metal, yet you want some heavy party music, this is fun

    Con: Is this even a real music genre, or just a term for rock bands in the 80s with hairspray and flashy outfits? Some "glam metal" bands are legit heavy metal (eg. early Motley Crue and Twisted Sister), while others are just pop arena rock (eg. Bon Jovi, Poison).

    11. Alternative/Nu metal

    Pro: Very versatile, and I especially like Disturbed

    Con: Many cringy acts

    12. Groove metal

    Pro: The best to headbang to

    Con: It's practically not much of a metal subgenre; more of a thrash metal subgenre

    So what are your thoughts? What do you like and dislike about each metal subgenres?
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