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Red Shift lyrics

Discussion in 'Asgaroth' started by FatherVic, Jun 10, 2003.

  1. FatherVic

    FatherVic MasterMelon

    Oct 10, 2001
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    OK, finally the lyrics of Red Shift are here...

    I've uploaded them on the website...but I think i will put them case somebody is as lazy as me, but also in case anybody feels like commenting any of the songs....

    Lured Decoy
    Music & Lyrics: Christopher B.W.

    The cause for distress
    was never caused by what you knew...

    That time you lurked in your world's shadows
    a man powered mask among the mundane merchants
    it was a game of taunting...
    ...and you definitely won the chance.

    Those echoes, inversed, thumping on and on...
    as i held your hands, again and again...

    And i wonder why...
    was that the price to pay?
    the seed in your inside I found.
    Gave birth in the devil in me

    It never would be late,
    to take the las resort
    a decision greater of growing closer to the sun
    but take no frail movements,
    or else you will be lost.
    The chances, the dreams, the pains,
    the dancind with the sun...
    lured decoy

    Music & Lyrics: Christopher B.W.

    There's no heart in no faint solution
    There's no last, just a pulse that aain now fades away
    Bereavements? no third nor fifth repetition
    (th odds and evens of a present pain)

    Beneath a cortex to please the pleasant
    it's this step down I built...
    ruled in selfrules
    it's your lifetime's point
    the stage in a blissful pain,
    just a stage...

    Recall your cyphred bluntness,
    for which you were meant to please.
    Dragged out by a miliard thoughts,
    it took your time to turn to me.
    All in all, all's to be lost,
    To travel down within the coil.
    Frailty, misconception,
    a lost strifle in a season's end.

    It took your time to turn to me...

    Music & Lyrics: Christopher B.W.

    There i stood buried in the sand
    As it rose in front of my eyes...
    as it rose in froont of my mind...
    those 20 eyes staring into the onsome

    I'm buried...
    I'm choking...

    And upon his loins, thirsty beasts
    bearing the burden of pain... those faces...
    through his hands enchanted fo my please,
    As I creep beneath the graven soil...

    will I evenr understand?
    what it ever meant?

    Music & Lyrics: Christopher B.W.

    These lights protraying horizon beams
    these forms, signs altered by a kind.

    Striking errors from the past
    individual lure on extinguishing light
    decayed core, only dust and despair.

    Mindscapes modulated in malfuncition,
    the core in natural movementes
    senseless sense intangible motions
    an unmeasured declaration
    for a knowledge untaught

    Descent to Dion
    Music & Lyrics: Christopher B.W.

    It's a new waypoint for us all from now
    when things are not all though what they seem.
    It's a time to burn in our ashes...
    ...or was it you who began to doubt

    Now we're forgetting what it was all about,
    as we took our chances in this free world above.
    In a godless theurgy in a dismissed ordain,
    followed by them all.

    Descent to Dion
    Let us meet for what we failed
    Drink with my cup and spil on your fate.

    Descent to Dion
    I never knew what was to be done.
    Did I ever need to be shown the paths?
    it's this world coming apart,
    as we drink in joy in our cult to Dion.

    Drink in this, our theurgy.

    I, befouled
    Music & Lyrics: Christopher B.W.

    (Pulling the threads
    which stand forever
    as the streams that will rage...)

    Three eyed senser, agent in all matter
    brought to this world
    with the hands you once called wind
    dettached grandeur blatant forgiveness,
    the cause for this distress
    is the mere wrongness
    be this, your presence.

    My child don't do that again,
    if else i'll take you where you belong.

    Serial lists of movements
    So tactfully obeyed.
    With no words ledt to say
    I lead to my private ocean.

    Sharpedge solitude
    Music & Lyrics: Christopher B.W.

    Take a look in your own self
    and see what's behind the voice
    The self-riddance you named after conscience
    now stands before you as a man.
    A sinful ensemble beneath a dried out skin
    maybe time will tell what I knew
    (from the very start)

    I strangled your inside,
    but now you're on your own.

    Red Shift...
    Music & Lyrics: Christopher B.W.

    That pail red light that burns my seems.
    A crimsom pail fading pyre,
    the day my funeral was delayed...

    I fought my way back through billion stars,
    In a pointless trip in your recede...

    ...And I;ll breed in the edge of your source
    I'll breed on...
    Red Shift.
    Heart's recede,
    Red Shift...
  2. Melancholia

    Melancholia Eternal daydreamer

    May 25, 2001
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    Ved Buens Ende
    good kid FatherVic :)))

    *offers candy*

    I think it was a good idea to put them here...Indeed we could comment a bit some day... :) but for now my only comment is naaaaaaaaaani :)

    /mel (semi-spamming,semi-posting)

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