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(Remembering) Mr Dave Ingram Jr.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Podgie, May 4, 2019.

  1. Podgie

    Podgie Young Man, Old Soul

    Jul 9, 2007
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    London, England
    HI guys. (Keenan and Zerostatic mostly these days it seems!) It's been kind of a long time since I posted, I hope you're all well.

    I'll get straight to it. Dave's passing took a bit out of me. A lot out of me to be honest. Especially in the ways of the forum (though how immensely insignificant it is). I couldn't bring myself to post here after my initial post. Me and Dave had a strong bond, although sadly we never met in person (unbelievably!) we still had a strong bond. We spoke often online, I took great pleasure in designing the Nefasturris logo and we had many, many long chats and laughs. I have to mention he also talked me out of some of my darkest and lowest times, there's no need to go into detail but these moments formed an integral part of what Dave meant to me. Not only was he cool and could talk about metal on a level, but also life and everything which went with it. I was really fond of him, like many many, many others were.

    I don't use facebook, but if you go on there and look at his profile all you'll see is the most positive things said about the man both big and small, daily. And forever may that continue, he was an outspoken bastard in the best of ways. Celebrate.

    To sum this all up I guess Dave was simply loved (and if not he probably thought you were a bit of a dick too), even by people like me who never met him in person. Every time I come here I think of him and this is why I needed to post this brief eulogy so I didn't come here and eternally think about writing it...

    Though I've always been somewhat detached and out of the loop with the UK thrash scene I know Dave was such a pivotal part of it. He introduced tons of people to tons of bands through his passion for music and long may his memory remain.

    Seriously. Fuck off. Love you Dave. One day we WILL have that beer... and this forum will never be the same without you.

    Saying that, it's mainly 'cause there's fuck all of us left haha ...x
  2. Keenan

    Keenan Crippling Self Doubt

    Apr 9, 2009
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    I only knew Dave from this forum, so I can't speak on anything past that, but... if it wasn't for Dave, I probably wouldn't listen to 75% of the music that I regularly listen to. I'll always be grateful for that. This place has been a bit quiet the last few years, but with Dave's passing, this place has basically become a ghost town. He brought so much life to this place. It's not something that will ever be replaced. I hope he's up jamming with Dime, Lemmy, Mike and Pete Steele. :kickass:

    Heh. I just thought of Dave and Lemmy together. They'd tell literally everyone to fuck off. :lol:

    I-TEND-TO-DIE leave this world behind

    May 3, 2008
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    a good place in germany
    I guess without Dave I wouldn't be probably the same Human being and I would still listening to the same bands I was listening to 10 fucking years ago!!! Also in terms of my character and doing research of heavy metal music he influenced me alot.
    His rants and all that was his own personality and he had authority in this forum and it was always a place I wanted to escape to find more about music and just to release myself of all that real life shit going on around me.
    I will really miss him though I never met him just for the fact I live in germany and not England.

    R.I.P. Dave I'd loved to have met you one day.

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