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RESISTANCE seeks 2nd guitarist

Discussion in '' started by MyBlackHeart, Sep 7, 2008.

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    Jan 5, 2006
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    RESISTANCE is currently looking to fill the second position of their dual axe team.

    RESISTANCE is seeking a lead/rhythm guitarist with the following qualifications:

    Prior experience (shows, recording,promotions)
    Pro attitude
    Pro equipment
    Musical knowledge/theory
    Stage presence
    Writing ability
    No drugs

    Signed w/world wide distribution(Lion Music)
    Based in Los Angeles (Rehearsal in Glendora)
    Has secured promotional deal for European booking(Blue Steel Agency)

    We need a comitted individual that will contribute as an equal member both musically and financially.

    Interested parties can check out the band at or

    If you would like to audition or know someone who might, more infor mation can be obtained by emailing Matt at

    We are currently in the beginning stages of writing our 3rd album for Lion Music.

    Here are some of the album reviews from our latest album "Patents of Control"

    Metal Storm (Estonia)
    "The most impressive modern heavy metal album I have heard in a long time"

    Lords of Metal (The Netherlands)
    "Resistance has delivered a beautiful album which will surely conquer the hearts of all fans of hard 'n heavy. Be sure to give this album a listen!"

    Live 4 Metal (United Kingdom)
    "The mix of rage, technical musicianship, and occasional shredding all make their way on here for a record worthy of your ears and cash" (Tennessee United States)
    With the vibe of the first three Iced Earth records, early Nevermore, and later Death Angel all complimented with dueling leads, machine gun tempos, and a roaring backbone - Resistance know how to deliver the goods.

    Metal To Infinity (Belgium)
    The shreddings are phenomenal once again!
    Eleven songs are unleashed to attack our ears with full force. Played in a technical way, these songs to bring a pallet of varieties. Stand strong for devastating US Power Metal.

    Power (Denmark)
    Straight ahead, fast and furious thrash metal with both feet firmly planted in the same soil that brought us bands like Exodus, Forbidden and Metallica. It is easy to hear why this LA based band is a sought after live band; they are very tight and intense.

    The Metal Observer (Canada)
    The abilities to blend the aggressiveness and chaotic tendencies of Thrash Metal with melody and Power Metal epic song structures gives this album a wide variety of approaches to music and keeps the listener attentive until the end.
    Solid metal that borderlines thrash. It's a bit more sophisticated then your typical thrash record, but isn't what I would call progressive either. The band definitely have their chops down in the musician department as well as songwriting. If you haven't heard this band before and like it more on the fast and heavy side minus the crap vocals that are so prominent in today's market, give these guys a listen.
    More sophisticated song-writing and complexity show the enormous improvement in quality which refines the eleven new neck-breaking killer tracks.

    Sea of Tranquility
    Mixed by none other than Neil Kernon (Queensryche, Nevermore,Nile), Patents of Control has a real crisp & heavy sound, and the fact that the band mixes in plenty of classic metal sounds makes it an enjoyable listen.

    Hard Rock Haven (
    Resistance joins the Metal world with a vengeance, and here is the proof...Patents of Control. - Patents of Control.php

    Paul Shigo
    Pure American Metal


    GHS Strings

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