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Richard Andersson's Space Odyssey - Tears of the Sun

Discussion in 'Metal Reviews' started by The Metal Chick, Feb 14, 2007.

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    Richard Andersson's Space Odyssey - Tears of the Sun
    Regain Records - RR111 - November 27, 2006
    by Amanda J. Carlson

    The king of keyboards never stops. Richard Andersson's latest composition of his solo project is the third release of the Space Odyssey collection. Once again his partner in crime is guitarist Magnus Nilsson (who also plays in his band Time Requiem), and together they have created something unlike the previous two Space Odyssey albums. Not only is singer Patrik Johansson (Astral Doors) replaced by David Fremberg (Andromeda), but the guitars are the driving force in every song. An Andersson project without dominating and insanely flashy keyboards is like a hot dog without a bun. It's still decent, but just not the same.

    Simplicity in the straight-forward songwriting has taken Tears of the Sun far away from the massive virtuosity of the power metal one would expect from this project. A few tracks, however, such as 'The Bohemian Werewolf' and 'Bloodspill' contain some shredding guitar solos not to be overlooked, and 'Dark Wings of Universe' has Fremberg showing off his best vocals. Also in that song, track five, Andersson appears with his first solo. Thankfully he shreds it out again in 'The Awakening' so we don't forget he's there. But still, in the end I'm wondering, "Where's Richard?"

    One more thing to note: there isn't anything very 'spacey' about this album. A Space Odyssey album should have the cheesy futuristic sound. Perhaps lyrically they keep it spacey, but it doesn't have the feel that the star-spattered album cover conveys. Tears of the Sun is a good metal record, but fits so awkwardly among the releases under this man's name.

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