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Saxon Hardenberg 21-10-2005 Review

Discussion in 'Gig Reviews' started by Ekib, Oct 22, 2005.

  1. Ekib

    Ekib New Metal Member

    Sep 24, 2001
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    I was looking forward to this gig for a long time. It was rescheduled from the March gig .
    The place was almost sold out. I don't know if it really was sold out but it was packed.
    Opening was Chinchilla (what a terrible name..)a Stuttgart based German power metal band. They played typical German power metal. Not really my thing but I can't say they don't have qualities. Not a bad band at all.
    But 99% of the crowd only came down to see 1 band...Saxon. And they wouldn't disappoint the crowd. The sound was absolutely fantastic when they started their set with the classic "Motorcycle Man". It was like listening to a record at high volume,just crystalclear.
    Saxon would play all their classics from their first album to their latest release "Lionheart". However the accent was definitely on the 80's records. If it was up to me I would have liked more newer songs since I think Saxon have written good songs in the 90's and 2000's also. Especially from their last record "Lionheart"I would have liked more songs. They would only play 2 in the first encores.
    But no matter what..Saxon always gives value for the money.

    My favourites of the night were "Dallas 1 PM"(although I am missing the middle part with the radio dialogue which is on record),the great semi ballad "The Eagle Has Landed" and the song that opens with maybe the best HEAVY METAL riff ever "Princess Of The Night". The crowd went nuts with that song.
    But I could also name at least 10 other songs that were highlights. There wasn't one weak song. And Saxon plays them flawless. In fact with this line up Saxon never sounded better.
    It was good to see Nigel Glockler back in the band. His drumming was great. Very tight.
    Biff will always be Biff. A great frontman who always gives 110%.
    I also must say that both Paul Quinn and Doug Scarratt have a great guitarsound. I could see Doug plays on ENGL amps but I couldn't see Paul's amp. I figure it must have been an ENGL also since his sound was almost the same. Their sound was very classic yet very heavy. And Doug really is a very good leadguitaplayer. Very underrated. Also cool to see them playing on Musicman's. You don't see these guitars very much in metal. Doug played a Luke model (the 90's version) and Paul played an Axis (the same model as I have).

    This band simply kicks ass. I can only recommend to check them out if they play near.
    Another great night at The Podium in Hardenberg!!! This place is becoming my favourite place to see concerts in The Netherlands. Although the almost 2 hour ride will always be a bummer...

    Setlist: (it's cool they play different songs on every gig as I noticed on the previous threads!)

    Motorcycle Man
    Play Loud
    Strong Arm Of The Law
    Stallions Of The Highway
    Power And The Glory
    Frozen Rainbow
    Suzie Hold On
    Dogs Of War
    Dragon's Lair
    The Eagle Has Landed
    To Hell And back Again
    Dallas 1 PM
    Stand Up And Be Counted
    Never Surrender
    20,000 Ft
    Princess Of The Night
    Withchfynder General
    747 (Strangers In The Night)
    Denim And Leather
    Wheels Of Steel
    Heavy Metal Thunder
  2. johngerritsen

    johngerritsen New Metal Member

    Sep 27, 2004
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    Hi Folks!
    What a great "night out with the boys" it was in Hardenberg!
    Saxon played for about 2,5 hours!:headbang:
    The setlist was better than best!!! Really, all those golden oldies,
    only a few tracks from the Lionheart album, instead of the Druten gig last year where they played 8 tracks from this album.
    Thanks Biff that you took my "Dallas 1PM" paper, you guys ROCK!
    And it doesn't matter that the Dutch are always 1 song behind, should that be because of the "wacky backy"???:lol:

    Here's the Hardenberg setlist in right order:
    Motorcycle man
    Play it loud
    Strong arm of the law
    Stallions of the highway
    Power & the glory
    Frozen rainbow
    Suzie hold on
    Dogs of war
    Dragons lair
    The eagle has landed
    To hell and back again
    Dallas 1PM
    Red light
    Stand up and be counted
    Deeds of glory
    Never surrender
    20,000 Ft.
    Princess of the night

    1st encore:
    The return (instr. intro)
    Witchfinder general
    747 (Strangers in the night)
    Denim & leather
    guitar solo Doug Scarrett
    Wheels of steel

    2nd encore:
    Heavy metal thunder

    Cya guys in 2006 !!!!!!!!!!!!!:headbang:

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