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Discussion in 'Pure Steel Records' started by steel-prophet, Jul 15, 2020.

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    SCEPTOR sign worldwide deal with PURE STEEL RECORDS

    Founded in 2009, the band were together through various incarnations, until their mutual departure in 2014. The band has since reformed in December of 2019.

    All of the members that currently comprise SCEPTOR are well known musicians that were, at one time, members of Titan Steel, Roxxcalibur, Attacker, Bastard Nation and Hammer King.

    Their single, “Introducing...Sceptor” was released in 2010 with the original singer Bob Mitchell. The single "Powerhouse" B/W "Shadows In The Maze" was an outstanding offering from both fans and the press.

    The single is now limited and rare but it will be Re-Mastered and will be as bonustracks on the new album.

    SCEPTOR are now back with a new Line-Up with founding member and guitarist Torsten Lang at the forefront and the return of the bands original singer Bob Mitchell.

    "The new album is nearly completely written, so all is progressing better than expected! Also, we previously announced on our Facebookpage that our return album will be titled "RISE TO THE LIGHT"! To say we are excited would truly be an understatement. We are looking forward to bringing you, the Fans of Heavy Metal our new Musical offering. Stay tuned and Thank YOU One and All!"

    More News coming soon!


    Bob Mitchell (The Hounds of Hasselvander) – vocals
    Torsten Lang (ex-Skraggy's Tomb, ex-Titan Steele, ex-Valpurgisnight, ex-New Allegiance, ex-Ritual Steel) – lead guitars, backing vocals
    Timo Nolden (Bastard Nation, ex-Meltdown, ex-Wishing Nightfall, ex-Agent Grapefruit, ex-Atomic Garden, ex-Eternal Black) – rhythm guitars, backing vocals
    K. K. Basement (ex-Adorned Graves, ex-Hammer King, ex-Palace, ex-Warchild, ex-Ivory Night) – bass, backing vocals
    Holger Ziegler (Abandoned, Roxxcalibur, ex-Griffin (live)) – drums

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