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Scottish Power Metal @ Metalfest UK!

Discussion in 'Pagan's Mind' started by Ricki Ascension, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. Ricki Ascension

    Ricki Ascension Ricki Ascension

    May 8, 2006
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    Hail there metal fans!!

    Have you all heard of Metalfest UK?

    Its an awesome power metal/thrash metal festival happening in dudley in september this year!
    featuring blaze bayley, dragonland, powerquest, and vision divine :O

    Scottish power metallers Ascension are in with a chance of opening the festival, and all
    you have to do to help us, couldnt be simpler!

    If you want Ascension to open up metalfest UK, and support the power metal scene, just do the
    following short steps :p

    1. Add: to your friends list on myspace! :O easy?

    2. Then when they have accepted you, go to their pics folder! :O Easy again! :O

    3. Click on the " unsigned metalfest band poll " Album. and click on the Ascension artwork :O easy!!

    4. type a comment saying " Vote " and thats it! one more point for scottish Metal!!

    Anyway, theres a link to our myspace below! hope you all like what you hear! hoping to get
    some proffesionally made recordings soon! but for now, enjoy our demo's :)

    thanks a lot, and stay metal!


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