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Selling some of my collection...

Discussion in 'RC' started by Ars Magna, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. Ars Magna

    Ars Magna Ars Magna Recordings

    Feb 25, 2007
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    United States
    I've decided to start selling off my personal collection in waves. Considering that I generally grab a few titles and listen to them nearly exclusively for weeks, I've got way too many cds.

    As I was going through my stuff there were albums I didn't even realize I had. Time to clear some of them out.

    I'm guessing only a couple of you might be interested in any of them but I figured I would post it here before I did so on a wider scale.

    Everything below, unless listed otherwise, is $5. Shipping will be additional:

    US/Canada: $1 per cd
    World w/cases: $5 first cd, $2 each additional
    World w/out cases: $4 first cd, $1 each additional

    I'd also consider trades but they would be pretty limited.

    *Callenish Circle - Pitch.Black.Effects $2 (holepunch in barcode)
    *Dissection - Reinkaos $6
    *Krypt - I Am God mCD $3
    *Paradise Lost - As I Die mCD $4

    Ad Hominem - Dictator - A Monument of Glory
    Aigro Mucifelam - Lost Sounds Depraved
    Akerbeltz - Never Deny From The Powers of Sorcery
    Anael - From Arcane Fires
    Angrepp - Warfare
    Aphoom Zhah - Symbol of New Aeon
    Azrael Rising - Azrael Rising
    Beneath - Hollow Empty Void
    Blutklinge - Call of The Blackened Woods
    Carpe Tenebrum - Dreaded Chaotic Reign
    Chton - Chtonian Lifecode
    Creepmime - Shadows
    Cryptic Winds - Storms of The Black Millenium
    Daemonlord / Satanizer - 9 Bullets In The Face of Christ
    Death Over Threat - Sangre
    Decayed - The Black Metal Flame
    Devastator - Nuclear Proliferation
    Dismal Euphony - All Little Devils
    Erhabenheit - Vom Tempet zum Throne
    Eternal - Satanic Templars of The Dark Age
    Fleshcrawl - Soulskinner
    Funeral Fog - Under The Black Veil
    Grabak - Agash Daeva
    Gromm - Sacrilegium
    Haemoth - Vice, Suffering and Destruction
    Happy Days - Happiness Stops Here
    Happy Days / Eindig - The First Step Toward Suicide
    Hat - The Demise of Mankind
    Hellveto - Medieval Scream
    Hesperus Dimension - Mental Electricity MMVII
    Highgate - Highgate
    Hoath - Codex II:Kether
    Holmselvareg - Holmselvareg
    Horde of Hel - Blodskam
    Horrid - Rising From The Hidden Spheres
    Hyadningar - The Weak Creation
    Immolation - Here In After
    In Aeternum - Past and Present Sins
    Infaust - Blutbad & Melancholie
    Infernal War - Infernal War
    Kaiserreich - KRRH
    Kampf - Nothing But Wrath
    Kerasphorus - Cloven Hooves At The Holocaust Dawn
    Kosa - Evil Absorption
    Lathspell - Versus Ecclesia
    les Chants de Nihil - Ma plus Douce Vermine
    Lja - Vedderbaug
    Malveillance - Insignificance
    Masacre - Sacro
    Massemord - Hatred Towards Mankind and Life Itself
    Memory Garden - Verdict of Posterity
    Moredhel - Satanik Endsieg
    Mors Aeterna - Behind The Majestic Mirror of Death
    Morthrim - Morthrim
    Mortuus Infradaemoni - Daemon Qui Fecit Terram
    Mourning Dawn - For The Fallen…
    Mythological Cold Towers - The Vanished Pantheon
    Necronomicon - Revenge of The Beast
    Necrosadist - In The Realm of Flesh
    Night In Gales - Thunderbeast
    Night Must Fall - Dissonance of Thought
    Nihil Noctune - Entheogen
    Nuit Noire - Fantomatic Plenitude
    Nychts / Wedard - Zwischen Leere Und Nichts
    Obscene Gesture - Living In Profanity
    Obscurus Advocam - Verbia Daemonicus
    Occultus - Inthial
    Octagon - Artisans of Cruelty
    Octagon - Death Fetish
    Oxidised Razor - …Carne…Sangre…
    Panchrysia / Iconoclasm - The Ultimate Crescendo of Hell
    Pantheon - Vargrstrike
    Perdition - Antihuman Divinity
    Pogrom 1147 - Black Metal Complete
    Primal Dawn - Zealot
    Profundis - Nokturn
    Pyha - The Haunted House
    Pyramido - Sand
    Rabid - Annihilation
    Ruins - Baptized In Hell
    Ruins - Cauldron
    Sacred Reich - Still Ignorant (1987-1997) Live
    Salute - Above The Law
    Sanctus Daemoneon - Grey Metropolis
    Satanizer - War Cult Domain
    Saturnian Mist - Repellings
    Slunovrat - Sword & Iron Cross
    Soli Diaboli Gloria - Soli Diaboli Gloria
    Sorts - Made In Nightonia
    Svartpest - Ved Den Drabelige Inngang Til Helvete
    Sytry - Sytry
    Tarm - Nad Tulevad Kaapaist
    Teloch - Morbid Prayer
    Tenebrous - Arias Toward The Black Sun
    The Knell - Harm
    Tundra / Operation Winter Mist / Ruina - Allegiance of The Profane Pack
    Ulffdalir - Baldurs Traum
    Unborn Suffer - Is This What We've Created?
    Uterus - Goatgod
    Varathron - His Majesty At The Swamp
    Victimizer - Resurrected Abominations
    Vidres A La Sang - Endins
    Volition - Volition
    Wolfshade - Evening Star…
    Wormsblood - Mastery of Creation Demos
    Written In Torment - The Uncreation
    Yskelgroth - Unholy Primitive Nihilism

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