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Setlist for US tour

Discussion in 'Nightwish (unofficial)' started by Traxan, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. Traxan

    Traxan Member

    Mar 10, 2012
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    If anyone is still here...

    End of All Hope
    (First time live since 2004)

    Wish I Had an Angel
    (First time live since 2013)

    10th Man Down
    (First time live since 2003)

    Come Cover Me
    (First time live since 2012)

    (First time live since 2003)


    Sacrament of Wilderness
    (First time live since 2008)

    Dead Boy's Poem
    (First time live since 2009)

    (First time live since 2004)

    I Want My Tears Back

    The Carpenter
    (First time live since 1998)

    The Kinslayer
    (First time live since 2005)

    Devil & the Deep Dark Ocean
    (First time live since 2002)


    Slaying the Dreamer
    (First time live since 2008)

    The Greatest Show on Earth
    (Chapter I: Four Point Six;… more )

    Ghost Love Score

    The Greatest Show on Earth
    (Chapter IV: The Understanding;… more )

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