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Should I redo these drums? Need tips before iTunes release

Discussion in 'Production' started by JayB, May 28, 2014.

  1. JayB

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    Oct 10, 2009
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    Hey guys, my band Volharding will be releasing our new album Ascension through iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc very soon, once we get physical copies pressed up through Discmakers. I mixed the album myself and overall I'm quite happy with the sound, but after I showed to some other audiophiles on the Sneap Facebook group it was brought to my attention that the drums don't sound as good as I thought they do. The album is already released on Bandcamp, but if the drums are really as noticeably off sounding as they made it seem, I'd like to correct this if I can. The two clips below are one of our tracks, the first is the version that is currently released on Bandcamp, and the second is another that I made last night after taking in some of the constructive criticism (not enough dynamics, overheads too low, etc) . If you're not a fan of the actual drum tone, feel free to suggest something to me - I am using Slate Trigger Platinum, so I have all of the Slate sounds and also the Terry Date pack for Trigger. The real drums were almost completely replaced as they were not recorded well at all, but I may try to bring them back in if necessary.

    I guess what I'm basically asking is, is it worth my time to redo all of the drums for this release? And if so, give me some constructive criticism. Remix/Contagion Final Dithered 1.mp3 Remix/Contagion Remix 5 28.mp3

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