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Some Basic Rules, please read!

Discussion in 'Andy Sneap' started by Lasse Lammert, Nov 29, 2009.

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  1. Lasse Lammert

    Lasse Lammert HCAF Blitzkrieg

    Feb 12, 2009
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    Hey lads....
    this forum has been growing a lot lately and with new members and before all an overall increased number of members the attitude on the forum changes.
    I'm not saying that is because of the new members, it's just a natural thing on a forum that grows bigger and bigger....
    But before shit gets out of hand I've been asked to set up some rules, and I unfortunately have to agree...they've become necessary.

    I'm the last one to promote censoring etc, so these rules are to AVOID censoring...

    It's actually really simple and basic....
    you can voice your opinion about everything you want, but do it within reason...everyone on this forum wants to get better and eventually become a pro, so let's act like pros!
    If you critique something (be it a band, software or a person's work), do it in a professional way. DO NOT post with the intention to insult people personally.
    Insults will not be tolerated here! some respect to the old-timers who made the forum great and are still supplying lots of info and insight.

    I'd like to never see another post/thread deleted, so lets not give anyone the reason to do that....


    - Do not promote piracy (that includes leakage-news)
    - Do not insult forumates on a personal level
    - No trolling
    -this list might get updated, so please check back

    pretty simple and basic, should be possible to follow them, right?
    that way noone has any reason to censor anything.....and we can still keep posting tits and asses ;)
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