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some cds for trade - 11/01/2007

Discussion in 'Trade / For Sale' started by min, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. min

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    Jul 1, 2003
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    Ablaze My Sorrow - The Plague (No Fashion)
    Alastis - Revenge (Century Media)
    Andyboy - Rose Tattwho? (Nuclear Blast)
    Apophis - Heliopolis (Pavement)
    Ashes You Leave - The Passage Back Of Life (Pavement)
    Avernus - Where the Sleeping Shadoes Lie (Cursed Productions)
    Avrigus - The Secret Kingdom (Hammerheart)
    Ayreon - Day Eleven: Love (Inside Out)
    Ayreon - Loser (Inside Out)
    Beesech - ... From A Bleeding Heart (Metal Blade)
    Blackmore's Night - Past Times With Good Company (SPV / Steamhammer)
    Bloodwork - Insufficient Flesh (Tarantula Promotions)
    Blue Oyster Cult - s/t (Legacy)
    Brant Bjork & The Operators - s/t (Duna)
    Ché - Sounds Of Liberation (Man's Ruin)
    Cold Embrace - Ode To Sorrow (Godz Greed)
    Cradle Of Filth - Damnation And A Day (Sony)
    Cream - Wheels Of Fire (Polygram)
    Daemonarch - Hermeticum (Century Media)
    Danse Macabre - Eva (Hammerheart)
    Darkside - Cognitive Dissonance (Season Of Mist)
    Dawn Of Relic - One Night In Carcosa (Wicked World / Earache) (On Hold)
    Deep Purple - In Concert with the Londons Symphony Orchestra
    Disbelief - Infected (GSM)
    Dream Theater - Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence (Elektra)
    Exit 13 - Don't Spare The Green Love (Relapse)
    Face Down - The Twisted Rule The Wicked (Nuclear Blast)
    Farmakon - A Warm Glimpse (Earache)
    Fu Manchu - The Action Is Go (Mammoth Records)
    Goresleeps - Far Away From Anywhere Else (Metalagen)
    Grand Magus - s/t (Rise Above)
    Grobschnitt - Rockpommel's Land (Metronome Musik)
    Harakiri - Twilight Of The Idols (Willowtip Records)
    Heavenwood - Swallow (Massacre)
    Hermano - Only A Suggestion (Tee Pee)
    Hypocrisy - Penetralia (digipack with 2 bonus tracks) (Nuclear Blast)
    In Flames - Clayman (1st edition with 3D cover and bonustrack) (Nuclear Blast)
    Jethro Tull - Repeat (Chrysalys)
    King Crimson - Starless And Bible Black (Virgin)
    King Crimson - Lizard (Virgin)
    Lacuna Coil - Comalies (Century Media)
    Marillion - Brave - reedición (EMI)
    Marduk - Live In Germania (Osmose Prod.)
    Monster Magnet - (Caroline)
    Monster Magnet - Spine Of God (Glitterhouse Records)
    Monster Magnet - God Says No (AM)
    Mork Gryning - Pieces Of Primal Expressionism (Irond / No Fashion)
    Mortician - Hacked Up For Barbecue (Relapse)
    Mountain - Climbing (Beat Goes On Records)
    Mudhoney - s/t (SubPop)
    Napalm Death - Words From The Exit Wound (Earache)
    Nebula - Charged (Sweet Nothing)
    Nebula - Dos Eps (Sweet Nothing)
    Nephenzy - Where Death Becomes Art (Black Diamond)
    Orange Goblin - Time Travellin' Blues + Frequencies From Planet Ten (Rise Above)
    Porcupine Tree - In Absentia (1st edition with bonus cd) (Lava Records)
    The Quill - Voodoo Caravan (SPV / Steamhammer)
    Rainbow - Straight Between The Eyes (Polydor)
    Rainbow - Bent Out Of Shape (Polydor)
    Santoro - s/t (I Used To Fuck People Like You In Prison)
    Sepultura - Against (Roadrunner)
    Shadowbreed - Only Shadows Remains (Painkiller Records)
    Sheavy - Celestial HiFi (Rise Above)
    Shisha Pangma - s/t (Rockanbole)
    Sirrah - Acme (Music For Nations)
    Solstice - Halcyon (Invictus / Hammerheart)
    Stooges, The - s/t (Elektra)
    Stooges, The - Funhouse (Elektra)
    Stooges, Iggy Pop And The - Raw Power (Sony Music)
    Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine - Rampton (Rise Above)
    Terra Firma - s/t (SPV / Steamhammer)
    The Devin Townsend Band - Accelerated Evolution (1st edition with 'Project EKO' bonus cd) (InsideOut)
    Unholy Grave - Terroraging Crisis (Grind Freaks)
    Vicious Art - Weed The Wild (Self released)
    V/A Moonfog 2000 - Satyricon, Eibon, Thorns, Gehenna, Darkthrone, Dodheimsgard, Wongraven vs. Paronsoda y Emperor (Moonfog)
    V/A Rise 13, Magick Rock Vol 1 - Unida, Orange Goblin, Acrimony, Drag Pack, Spirit Caravan, Sheavy, Hangnail, Goatsnake, Solarized, Sally, Shallow, Electric Wizard y 13 (Rise Above)
    Wombbath - Internal Caustic Torment (Thrash Records)


    Rotten Sound / Mastic Scum Split
    Unholy Grave / Sewn Shut Split


    Dark Reality - Blossom Of Mourning
    Elend - Leçons de Ténèbres
    Let Me Dream - My Dear Succubus
    On Thorns I Lay - Sounds Of Beatiful Experience
    Welten Brand - Das Rabenland
    V/A Earplugged - Carcass(2), Cathedral(2), Napalm Death(2), Entombed(2), Brutal Truth(2), Bolt Thrower(2) y Godflesh(2)

    Contact me through the forum or in this address: fu_manchu at wanadoo dot es
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    You have email.
  3. min

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    Jul 1, 2003
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