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Song influenced by Katatonia

Discussion in 'Katatonia' started by Deathrow, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. LifeDepraved

    LifeDepraved My soul got a crack

    Sep 9, 2002
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    Phoenix AZ
    To be honest I do enjoy Myspace as an outlet for my music to get out(as you can see in my signature), but I can't stress enough that there are so many joke bands, and bands ripping each other off to the extent that I just can't listen to any newer metal bands these days.

    Today it's kinda like a fashion genre. And I know old Thrash and Death Metal had their styles but I don't think it's as bad as the retro thrashers nowadays who desperately need their high top reeboks and ripped jeans from the Goodwill(used clothes store). Or this group of people who enjoy, what many people call "Deathcore" these days. I think it's a stupid name...but anyways...all these kids that I see that are into it, I've noticed on myspace, in my town, and in other states...well they enjoy dressing in these metal uniforms, but it's obvious they wouldn't dare do it unless they had a friend or two joining them. And I'm not out to call them posers right off the bat, but I have known some that couldn't for the life of them answer a simple question like "what's your favorite song?" or "what's your favorite album?"...It kinda seems my beef is with the fans, but that's just it because they enjoy these "Deathcore" bands because of the fans they have.

    So it's more of a fashion scene then a real band lovers scene imo. Cause this shit is pretty shitty and why aren't they supporting realy Death Metal bands? Well I'm not one to tell anyone who to follow, but this is similar to the nu-metal phase imo.

    And I just rambled all that...pshhhh

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