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Steve Smyth Winter NAMM 2009 appearances

Discussion in 'Steve Smyth' started by Steve Smyth, Jan 14, 2009.

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    Guitarist Steve Smyth Announces NAMM Appearances

    Guitarist Steve Smyth Forbidden/The EssenEss Project(ex-Nevermore/Testament/Dragonlord/Vicious Rumors) has been confirmed to perform and appear at the following booths at this year’s Winter NAMM show.

    Randall Amps: Friday, January 16th at 2pm (performing/meet and greet, Booth 5244B)

    BC Rich Guitars: Friday, January 16th at 3pm (meet and greet, Booth 4884)

    Randall Amps: Saturday, January 17th at 2pm (performing/meet and greet, Booth 5244B)

    BC Rich Guitars: Saturday, January 17th at 3pm (meet and greet, Booth 4884)

    Smyth will be performing a brief compilation of his solos from the 2005 Nevermore disc he was part of, This Godless Endeavor. Then, alongside bandmate Steve Hoffman, the two will be performing songs from their debut instrumental album, The EssenEss Project, with Smyth demonstrating Randall’s MTS Series head and cabinets.

    Says Smyth, “I am pleased to be making a return trip to this year’s Winter NAMM 2009! Steve Hoffman, the other “Ess”, and I will be performing material from The EssenEss Project debut at this year’s NAMM. We’ll be performing at the NAMM Randall Amplifier booth on Friday, and one more time on Saturday with. I am very pleased to announce in my search for great tone, I have arrived at the door of Randall amps, and could not be happier with the MTS series head. A very versatile amp, and great heavy tones, this amp has it all, and does it all! I’ll also be over at the BC Rich booth, checking out the new BC’s coming out this year, and discussing a very killer surprise coming to you in 2009. Looking forward to the show!”

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