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Steve Williams and PQ to retire at the end of 2023

Discussion in 'Power Quest' started by Symphony, Nov 4, 2022.

  1. Symphony

    Symphony PQ member

    Jan 8, 2002
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    Southampton, UK
    Steve Williams, keyboardist and founder of UK Power metal band Power Quest has announced that both he and the band will be retiring from the scene at the end of 2023.

    "It'll be 25 years in and around the Power metal scene for me by the end of next year by which time I'll be 52 years old.

    The past few years have given plenty of time to think things over and think about the future. The pandemic and Brexit have both been evils that have badly affected the band as has been the case for so many others. I've also had some health issues that have refocused my mind and made me realise that more time has passed than is left and so...

    I've decided it's time for me to follow a different path musically from here on out. I also need to spend more time with ageing family in poor health and now is the time for that whilst it's still possible. Life is too short as we have found out in recent times.

    We will be heading out for one last UK tour in April 2023, taking in London, Manchester, Sheffield and Swansea and there will be a couple of other shows later in 2023 which will be announced in due course. These will be our first shows since Nov 2019 - almost 4 years.

    I hope we will see as many of you as possible as we write the final chapter of the Quest before moving on to whatever new opportunities and adventures present themselves"

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