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Sumerlands - Dreamkiller

Discussion in 'ProgPower USA' started by NorseBlood, Sep 19, 2022 at 12:23 PM.

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    Nov 6, 2013
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    "The Sabbath-inspired haze of their 2016 S/T debut has been turbocharged with bigger riffs, distinct, Jan Hammer worthy synths, and forays into Badlands gone doom. But although doom crackles at the edges of Dreamkiller, this is classic, melodic metal forged with the melodrama of the Scorpions, the emotional heft of Foreigner, with an extra dose of depression. "

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    "It took precisely one album, their 2016 self-titled debut, for Sumerlands to tap into the vein that made the heavy metal hey-day so good and drain enough essence to completely recreate it. No starry-eyed homages here, oh no; Sumerlands went straight to the source and delivered a hearty spoonful of doom-infused good stuff. Nearly six years on from that, we find ourselves staring down the barrel of Sumerlands' second go at reaching that promised land, this time with new vocalist Brendan Radigan of Magic Circle and Stone Dagger filling the rather large shoes of the departing Swanson. So, what's different?"

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    Metal Injection: Album Review: SUMERLANDS Dreamkiller

    "It seems that SUMERLANDS wanted to create an album whose melodies will stick to the listener’s mind, making it easy for everyone to sing along. Well, the band has fulfilled its purpose more successfully than it could be ever imagined; the album is fantastic. Every song has very addictive melodies, traveling you from the 80s heavy metal scene to nowadays with great ease. It’s not easy to write 8 songs all of which are great, but the band has done it. From up-tempo tracks (“Heavens Above”) to doomier songs (“The Savior’s Lie”) everything is here, leaving the band’s mark to the contemporary heavy metal scene."

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    Forgotten Scroll: SUMERLANDS – Dreamkiller

    "None of the issues I have with Dreamkiller can be laid at the feet of Mr. Radigan. He comes to play and brings a lot of passion and power to his delivery. He’s much higher pitched than Phil Swanson and some of the ominousness and darkness from the debut is lost in the transition, but the man can sing and does a fine job. The guitar work from Arthur Rizk and John Powers is still solid and at times excellent, but there are fewer face-melting leads here, and in some cases, they would be at odds with the material anyway. The debut was a smoke show of cool guitar efforts, and it feels like Dreamkiller is a sizeable retreat in quality and memorability."

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    Angry Metal Guy: Sumerlands – Dreamkiller Review

    Sumerlands - Dreamkiller

    Sumerlands - Edge of the Knife

    Sumerlands - Force of a Storm

    Dreamkiller on Bandcamp
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