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SYL in Ottawa, Thank you so much!

Discussion in 'Devin Townsend' started by Greenwater_Pond, Apr 20, 2005.

  1. Greenwater_Pond

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    Apr 28, 2002
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    Ottawa, Canada

    Just wanted to drop a note off for devin and the rest of the guys in SYL as well, It was an incredible show you put on here in Ottawa this past tuesday (april 19). A very tight, professional and kick ass band on the stage, humbled and down to earth off the stage, with the stage persona you have devin you were incredibly humble when you met myself and some others outside the bus and I really appreciated the time you took to sign all my CD's and get some photos, same goes for the rest of the band. Gene Hoglan also came back off the bus to shoot the shit with me for a good 45 minutes after a lot of other people who had hung around took off while I was still waiting for Jed to come out to sign the booklets.

    Jed was also really appreciative of the amount of CD's I had picked up once he was on the 3rd one he looked up at me and said "you don't know how much we appreciate the support you've filled our gas tank many times with this and we thank you a lot for it it means a lot to us". Really awesome guys and I can't wait to see you again July 3rd in montreal for sounds of the underground, Keep the metal going :headbang:

    here's some of the pics


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