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Symetrix 302 Preamps (Sleeper Preamp)

Discussion in 'Backline' started by newamerikangospel, May 30, 2020.

  1. newamerikangospel

    Nov 6, 2005
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    I randomly found a thread somewhere (probably gearslutz) and there was talk about the Symetrix 302. In digging into them, I found a handful on Reverb, with a racked quad up for $250. I bought them expecting utility preamps, but was surprised at how syrupy and sandy they sounded, to the point that my WA273 (neve clones) sounded more open and neutral. I did a test of my Framus Cobra into a MF400 with a v30 miced with an sm58 (no windscreen). The full mix bus has Satson Bus, Cytomic Glue, and Kilohearts Limiter. The guitars only are raw off of the preamps.

    In hindsight there is too much gain, but I found it interesting on the middle part (1:05 on) that the WA273 seemed to smear, the MPA didn't as much, but the 302 seemed to glue them down while still being a little more defined. However, the WA273 is set with the gain higher and the output backed off a bit, so some of that may be saturation buildup.

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