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Symphony X at JAXX 8/8

Discussion in 'Enchant' started by Encompass, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. Encompass

    Encompass New Metal Member

    Feb 20, 2005
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    Is there anyone interested in going to see Symphony X at JAXX?
    August 8th.

    My band Encompass is opening the show and we really need to sell tickets in advance to maintain our good standing with the venue.
    If you purchase your tickets through us it saves you about $4 a ticket, and along with your purchase you get a free copy of our full length demo and sticker! Send me a PM for more info or visit our myspace or official site for more info.
    We really need some presales

    The show will rock! :headbang:


  2. sharward

    sharward Member

    Feb 6, 2006
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    Sacramento, Northern California, USA
    Break a leg tonight! And good luck to Odin's Court as well! :headbang:

    I saw Symphony X in San Francisco weekend before last. Awesome show!

  3. Rick Pierpont

    Rick Pierpont Odin's Court Guitar

    Oct 1, 2003
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    Morrisville, NC
    Thanks Keith! I just saw this message! :lol:

    Well, it was one of the hottest days of the summer. It was 104 in the parking lot when I got there @ 5:30. Better yet? The AC was broken in the concert hall. THey had fans trying to move cold air from the bar side over, but once the doors opened and filled the hall up with over 550 people in was brutal! Once you started moving around and added hot lights to the equation, it was donright unbearable. That is EASILY the most I have ever sweat on stage. And I forgot a towel!!!! :( I think I lost 10 lbs. that night! OK, not really.

    To put it further in perspective, when I was pushing my amp out after a short 25 minute set, it felt AMAZING outside. I asked the security guy if a front came through or was it just that hot inside. Guess what his answer was? Dude, I mean it felt AMAZING outside. When we left @ 12:30a, it was still 90. Oh yeah, add seriously high humidity to the picture also.

    I still had a lot of fun. Symphony X was good. I think Romeo struggled a little with the heat, but still jammed. Saw a lot of people I know, so it was still a kick ass time! BTW, Encompass was awesome as always. They have a good sound and I always enjoy their set. You should check out their MySpace and hear some samples. They might be right up your alley. I do have their demo and its quite good.

    Hope life is treating you well.

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