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Teresa 11 – Smoky Heaven

Discussion in 'Non-Metal Reviews' started by Russell, Jun 20, 2005.

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    The starry attic
    Teresa 11 – Smoky Heaven
    Eibon Records – October 2004
    By Russell Garwood


    Japan’s Teresa 11 have chosen a very apt album title. You see, Smokey Heaven is a fantastically ethereal mix between trip-hop and classical music, while ambient and traditional Japanese music also crops up at times, in an unusual and totally original sound. The twelve-string harp is used to great effect throughout, above minimalistic beats. The ebb and flow of songs sometimes rings of post-rock in structure and approach, and a slowly developing nature makes for interesting and relaxed listening. Strings are effective, while plodding double bass is another unusual addition. The female singing is quite unlike anything you’re likely to hear again soon.

    Smoky Heaveb is a strong album, and the music a refreshing and bold fusion. Tranquil, atmospheric, and serene, this is a must for fans of trip-hop, as this is a curious but successful mutation. Kudos to Eibon for releasing it to a wider audience. All of this is topped of by some very cool, surreal artwork and excellent production. Recommended.


    Official Eibon Records website

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