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The 69 Eyes

Discussion in 'Metal Interviews' started by Mark, Jun 11, 2002.

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    Apr 11, 2001
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    Sarf Lundin, Innit
    The 69 Eyes
    By Melanie Haack

    They are more than only “successful musicians” in Finland. In their home country “The 69 Eyes” are MEGASTARS. Going out on the street without being recognized by others - no, that’s something the five young men can’t do anymore. Their new album “Paris Kills” went straight to number one in Finland and pushed popstars like Britney Spears out. The single “Dance d’Amour” also stayed on top of the charts for a long time. …Finnish people are strange people… and who are those “69 Eyes”? …that’s what some might think now. At first: Strange? No, they are not although it is really unusual that a gothic band sells more CDs than all these popstars. But maybe it is just a sign for a good music taste. Unusual and exceptional - that might be better than strange. And “The 69 Eyes”? Although they haven’t become superstars in middle Europe yet they can show a big number of fanpages and sold records especially in Germany. Video clips to songs of “Blessed be” could be already seen on some music channels and in 2001 they entered the main stage while the M’era Luna Festival late in the evening. Now with “Paris Kills” the final breakthrough shall become true.
    As drummer Jussi has been in Hamburg’s Scandia Bar on the “Reeperbahn” for the fourth time to make ears bleeding while being DJ, there was the chance to talk with him about the new album and things in general.

    “Paris Kills” will be released outside Finland during the next days. Are you totally happy with the new longplayer?
    “We really are. We totally reached the sound we wanted to reach - we succeeded. We are really happy with “Paris Kills”.”

    Your music changed step by step. Concerning “Paris Kills” the melodies and Jyrki’s voice come out very strong… A normal development because you as a person also develops?
    We always want to get forward and don’t want to get stuck anywhere. We always made the album we wanted to make at that moment. Of course, we still like the older songs. And I also still listen to “Bauhaus” but I also like “Duran Duran”. Our different CDs have always been influenced by that kind of music we were listening to at those times. With the new album we listened to a lot of 80s stuff. There are always people who don’t like the change in someone’s music. This time we wanted to concentrate on the melodies and on Jyrki’s vocals and keep everything else simple. Therefore the melodies are carried by piano, violins and keyboard. We wanted to burry the hard and loud guitar riffs.

    How would you describe the new album?
    “Somebody said that it is gothic music for the masses. In a way there is some truth in it. “Paris Kills” brakes through the categories. We are breaking the boundaries. Maybe it is more mainstream but that doesn’t mean anything bad. In Finland the first single we released from that album, “Dance d’Amour, was on top of the charts for some weeks and also the album went straight to number one and stayed there. It is really weird because popstars like Britney Spears and Kylie Minogue are behind us. But having success doesn’t mean that we sell us. We didn’t sell us to anyone just to sell more records.”

    How important is your producer Johnny Lee Michaels for the band? What kind of relationship is there between the band and him?
    “It is perfect. He is the perfect guy for us. It is great fun to work with him. He has been a gothic rock star in Finland in the 80s. We know him like years ago and we like the same kind of stuff. When he produced “Blessed be” - the album before - with us we had to get to know how the other one works and so on. This time we didn’t even have to talk about things. We just knew what the other one felt or thought. With him it comes out in a really natural way. Johnny is like our sixth band member.”

    Somewhere in a magazine I read that you’ll go on tour with “The Cure”. Is that correct?
    “I heard that rumour but it’s not right. There won’t be a tour with “The Cure”. If I am right we gonna play on three festivals where they will also be live on stage. Maybe that is the reason for that rumour.”

    What are your plans for the next time? You can be seen on a big number of festivals…
    “Yeahh, that’s right… but mostly in Finland. I am really waiting for the M’era Luna Festival in Germany. It was great to play there last year because we had our gig on the main stage late in the evening and after that I could see Marilyn Manson live on stage. I am a big Manson-Fan. It was our last gig before we went to the studio to record “Paris Kills”. We wanted to have that stage feeling in our mind while working on the new album. We wanted to make an album that would be perfect to play perhaps at M’era Luna. …and it works!”

    Performing live on stage - what is so special about it?
    “It is the greatest thing for me. Well, there are lots of musicians that say the same but it is true. I can’t explain that feeling when you are standing in front of the audience for an hour or even more and playing your songs. It is great watching all the people enjoying your music and singing. Even if we played in front of ten people I would still like it. When I am on stage I am superman. It takes some time to calm down.”

    If you compare a gig in Finland with one in Germany… what is the difference?
    “In Germany it is easy to describe a typical girl that you can see in the audience. In Finland we have more mainstream audience. There are ten-year-old kids with their mums. That’s really weird but that happens when your songs are played by radio stations. At the moment “Betty Blue” is the most played song in Finland although it is not released yet. Even Kylie Minouge is behind us. Really strange.”

    What about the finnish music scene? Is it a big familiy or…
    “Yes, it is a big family. I don’t think that there is jealousy. Why should there be? If someone has success he doesn’t take anything from me. Finland is a small country, you know each other. As we come from Helsinki we know especially the other bands coming from that town. I guess we are friends with everybody. “The Rasmus” und “Him” are for example really good friends for us.”
    In Finland you are megastars. Can you go shopping without any problems?
    “No, I can’t. At first it was weird. It took a while to feel comfortable with the situation and to get used to it. People standing outside my door, magazines which write that I was drunk in a bar and that tell with whom I am where or who they think is my girlfriend… Of course, I like to meet fans. I am blessed to do something that others like. There isn’t anything I should complain about. I hate these famous people who complain about being it. They could just change their life and do something different.”

    What was the last CD you bought?
    I had to buy Duran Duran’s “Greatest Hits” because I have all albums they have ever released. Before, I’ve really waited for “Tainted love” by Marilyn Manson. And actually I am looking forward to the new “Korn”-CD. But what I am really searching for is the soundtrack from “Miami Vice”. Jyrki got it but I have only got a bad copy.”

    Is there a band or a single person with whom you would like to record a new song?
    That is a hard question. Well, nobody would be surprised if we worked with “Tiamat” or “Type O Negative”. Don’t get me wrong, I really like these bands and it would be exciting to work with them but I think we will make something surprising.”

    “Arrogant people are not worse knowing them. And they are not worse to be friends.”

    “Greatest thing ever existing. Something that everyone is trying to find or to get but normally people get disappointed. Without love everything is just grey, life is full of smog. But when there is love there is a light that guides the way through the fog.”

    “If you feel hate it can give you power and strength. But it is not good because you can do stupid things with it. I try to avoid that feeling.”

    “I am really glad that you mention this subject. Some mess up fans and groupies but there is a huge difference between them. Fans love music, check out their ideals or whatever… Groupies are collectors, they don’t give a shit… They just wanna have the persons, a new thing in their collection to tell their friends. But it is part of our business, you simply have groupies. At first I thought that they are really using people but I can’t judge them if I don’t know them. If both sides get what they want it will be okay. I am not judging people. Some really think that I have sex with groupies but that is definitely wrong. I am not interested in being collected by someone.”

    ...and then it was time to go to the „Kiez“. No matter if the gothic fan, who had come to the Scandia Bar because of Jussi, the last survivor of the G-Move (similar to the love parade) or other creatures of the night… they all made party until early in the morning. Let’s hope that the sympathic Finn will soon find the way back to Hamburg.

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