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THE ALGORITHM (FRA) joins the mix at Headway Festival 2014

Discussion in 'Headway' started by Frurken, Nov 30, 2013.

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    Apr 7, 2003
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    The brainchild of French DJ / producer Rémi Gallego, THE ALGORITHM infuse modern metal riffs and rhythms with a menagerie of electronic sub-genres such as IDM, chiptune and breakcore, brewing his own style of fiercely heavy and individual music. Imagine a mash up of electronic driven breakdowns, djent guitars, gut wrenching subs and dub-step melodies all working together to fluidly pummel your head into the future. Or, to put it simple: THE ALGORITHM smashes genres like The Hulk smashes everything.

    Armed with drummer Mike Malyan of progressive metal pack MONUMENTS (UK), THE ALGORITHM ́s live experience is like nothing you have experienced before.

    Dutch live debut at Headway Festival! Tickets are already for sale here.

    Check for quick updates.

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