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The bastardization of good music through the association of Faggotry

Discussion in 'RC' started by Reign in Acai, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. Opeth17

    Opeth17 Bill Ward's Red Pants

    Oct 21, 2003
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    The Southland
    There's actually some comments by a guy from GBK in this excerpt. While he doth protest too much about being labeled anti-Semitic, I thought it was interesting that he had the sense to say that "I find it ridiculous [that] for many years now the ‘underground’ will turn a blind eye or tolerate bands who openly express Satanic, nihilistic and perverted views, sing about bestiality, drug abuse and the murder of Christians, and follow like sheep without question, yet will go out of their way to try and clean their guilt by going after anything remotely fascist, nationalist, pagan or folkloric."

    It really is absurd and an indication of the level of secular humanist indoctrination of the populace with critical theory and egalitarian rhetoric that even so many metalheads think that there are lines in metal and that they are crossed when any far right ideology is espoused (especially if it says something about tEh rAcIsMs). If you don't like it there's a simple fix: don't listen to it. I make those choices all the time. Instead these twats are actually crusading to destroy these bands.

    Cancel culture is idiotic and is made worse by the fact that it's largely a one-way street. People aren't really being canceled for being communist degenerates and all these cuck bands are further proof.

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