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THE METAL CRYPT presents: "30 Years Of Tales From The Land Of Thousand Lakes - Tribute to Amorphis"

Discussion in 'Metal Interviews' started by Luxi, May 31, 2020.

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    Sep 27, 2006
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    Finland's metal veterans AMORPHIS have been going on since 1990, which means it's their 30th-Anniversary this year, in 2020.

    To make it short, let some other musicians tell what the band has meant to them when they first heard AMORPHIS, inspiring them to put their own bands together and start making music on their own...

    Thanks to the following individuals also for making this article possible:

    Heta Hyttinen (GINGER VINE MANAGEMENT), Pauli Souka (COLDBOUND), Lasse Pyykkö (HOODED MENACE), Javi Martínez (IN THOUSAND LAKES), Lars (ETHEREAL DARKNESS), Pedro, Ricardo and Nuno (MOONSHADE), Niilo Sevänen (INSOMNIUM), Peter Theuwen, Kobe Cannière and Pepijn de Raeymaecker (THURISAZ), Óscar del Val (DORMANTH), Jaime Torres and Daniel Maganto (ETERNAL STORM), Markus Laakso (KUOLEMANLAAKSO), Markus Vanhala (OMNIUM GATHERUM/INSOMNIUM), Aleksi Juutinen (AT WINTERS END) and Rami Jämsä (CONVULSE).

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