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THE METAL CRYPT proudly presents: 35th Anniversary of Bonded by Blood - Tribute to Exodus

Discussion in 'Metal Interviews' started by Luxi, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Luxi

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    Sep 27, 2006
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    The topic says it all, I guess... ;)

    Thanks to the following individuals for being a part of this:

    Marco Barbieri (Salem Rose Music Management, Enzo Marangelli (Mirror Artist Management), Tom Martin (LICH KING), Reaper (LAID TO WASTE), Steve Gaines (ANGER AS ART), Col. Kmu (STRIKE MASTER), Patrick Bauer (SKELETON PIT), Joe McGuigan (GAMA BOMB), James Benson (MASON), Clayton Cagle (HATCHET), Spyros Lafias (CHRONOSPHERE), Abdulla Muijrers (MOTÖR MILITIA), Matías Leonicio (NUCLEAR), Maik Jegszenties (MESSERSCHMITT), Joe (EVIL INVADERS), Alexandr Zhoglichev (FALLEN NATION), Tasos Tzimorotas (THE BLEEDING), Andrew Hudson (HARLOTT) and Timo Ahlström (DEMONZTRATOR).


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