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The Photographic - Yet Another Dynamic Duo

Discussion in 'Unsigned Spotlights' started by circus_brimstone, Mar 17, 2006.

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    Jul 5, 2003
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    Jamey See Tai and Chad Blevins are men of few words. When they do open their mouths, though, their wit shines through as does their smartass attitude. I’ve told them – repeatedly – that nobody likes a smartass, but people do like The Photographic’s brand of instrumental post-rock, flavored with an occasional ‘80s twist.

    The only real background information available is that “The Photographic is from Louisville, KY and was formed in early 2003.” More specifically, however, how’d you two come together and decide you wanted to make music?

    The Photographic is from Louisville, KY and was formed in early 2003.


    Like several other bands, you all use your MySpace profile as your official website. A colleague of mine recently pointed out that MySpace – for bands – is offering a free alternative to the standalone website. Do you view this as good, bad, or a mixture? What about the slow load times and server problems?

    We don’t use it as a substitute for a website. We just don’t have a website yet, so we use MySpace as a website.

    I know you have a book sitting next to you. Open to page 183 and write the first three sentences of the second paragraph. I’ll go first:
    Hunter S. Thompson’s Hell’s Angels: “Sometime before dawn I was standing by the fire and listening to Magoo make one of his classy propositions. He was talking to two other Angels and a girl, trying to convince them: ‘Let’s the four of us go off in the bushes,’ he said. ‘We’ll smoke up some weed, get all fucked up, feel no fucking pain – and if she wants to lay some body on us, why not?’”

    A Concise History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict: “Egypt was in a better position to seek peace with Israel than were any of the other Arab states. Because Egyptians feel a deep identification with their own past and cultural heritage and have always seen themselves as Egyptians as well as Muslims or Arabs, Sadat could consider peace with Israel outside of the Arab context. Moreover, although the plight of Palestinians moved him, the establishment of an independent Palestinian homeland did not have any particular urgency for Sadat.”

    When I conversed with you guys at my alma mater a few days, the group Pelican came up. I detected a sneer from Jamey. What do you all think of Pelican and other instrumental post-rock acts?

    We like all coastal fowl.

    Breakfast cereal, in short, rocks. What’s your favorite kind? Do you eat what’s most healthy, or do you oftentimes choose taste above all else?

    We’ll eat most cereals, but flakes and granola clusters are always good.

    As far as a record label is concerned, which ones are you considering and of what size? Have any labels shown interest in your music yet?

    You’ll see.


    So far you have four songs up for consumption (“Secure,” “The Pieces Fit,” “To the Muse,” and “The Oceanographer’s Lament”). When can we expect your debut full-length? Does the release date hinge on whether you find an adequate label? In other words, will you go the independent route if you aren’t signed by the time you’re finished with the album?

    Consumption? “N: the process of taking food into the body through the mouth (as by eating)”???

    You mention water – indirectly – in “The Oceanographer Lament.” As someone else pointed out to me, though I did indeed notice it myself, bands playing your style seem to have a fixation with large bodies of water.

    What’s the deal, yo? Did you hear the artificial waves in the background?

    Okay, God or Satan or Hillary Clinton informs you that, from this point on, there will be only season per year. Which season do you choose and why?


    Who are some local bands you like? I consider it a small tragedy that I haven’t seen you guys perform yet – since your stomping grounds are mine and vice-versa – but what goes into The Photographic’s live show?

    Scott Carney, Joe Manning, and that one kind of dancey band with the Asian guy.

    It’s only fitting that The Photographic have excellent promotional photographs. How did you arrange to have such professional photographs taken? Should we expect more in the near future, or are you mostly concentrating on writing/recording the record?

    Aubrey Edwards and Nostalgic.

    This is a metal webzine, so are there any metal troupes you listen to regularly? If not, give us a few details about your past interactions with metal, its fans, or anything noteworthy.

    Spinal Tap.

    Bees, hornets, wasps, yellow jackets: I hate them all. But, out of those I listed, which is your favorite? Most useful? Most useless?

    I don’t really see how an insect would compare to an article of clothing.

    Would you consider The Photographic a full-time endeavor? To restate, once you’ve graduated college and move on, do you envision continuing the band and staying in the Louisville area?

    You’ll see.


    The Louisville airport’s kinda ugly, isn’t it?

    Eh, it’s getting better.

    If a label with some financial muscle signs you guys, then you’ll most likely be expected to tour. Will both your schedules permit you to do a major tour? Or will you try to limit the tour to just regional areas?

    We don’t know yet.

    What upcoming disc are you most excited about? How come?

    You mean you don't download all your music from LimeWire?

    I’ll conclude with an easy one: is there a God?

    Ask Ron Kenoly.

    Official The Photographic MySpace Website

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