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The thing you like the most about Beseech:

Discussion in 'Beseech' started by CONCLAVE OBSCURUM, Jun 7, 2003.


    CONCLAVE OBSCURUM untruly evil

    Dec 19, 2002
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    For me.. i love the lyrical concept that Beseech uses. It has lot of feeling, specially on the last album.

    Another thing that i like its the "some-kind-depresive" music. Really good and true music.

    oh... another thing. Do you consider Beseech as a Doom metal band?
  2. Urgluf

    Urgluf Beseech Fan

    Dec 9, 2001
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    Gothenburg, Sweden
    Well after beeing a Beseech fan for to many years and been to way to many conserts what can you like most about em?

    The way they have grown is one thing I like alot, they all know what the others limits are and they know OK this fella has a bad day so I have to give abit extra and as a listener you dint even notice that someone is haveing a bad day and they all know humm his mind is somewhere else I have to remind him to keem his mind focused. This is something that is fun to see who they have grown from a fun to listen to band just becuse you liked some of thatre songs to a Very good performing band that you nowadays know will rock when they get on stage, this is also a fun experiance.

    But to say ONE thing that I like the most?

    Well thats an easy one After seeing thise guys 5 times live 4 of thise times yelling MOONRIDE! but they never played it, then Robert asked me on ICQ 'What song you wanna hear the most?' And ofcurse I say 'Moonride' then when playing in my Hometown and after talking to a few fo them before they got on stage so they know I was there they for one and only time play the song I wanna hear live MOONRIDE.

    Now what can beat that youre favorite band playing the song you wanna hear live by them the most, a song they never played live before and probobly never will again and they played it becuse YOU wanna hear it.

    A band that is that down to earth and friendly you just cant do anything but love!
  3. deus miseratur

    deus miseratur Short Valley Dwarf

    Dec 15, 2001
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    Short Valley, Gothenburg, Sweden
    i like that each song has something special with it. Listen to their first album "...from a bleeding heart" , no BIG hits but every song has something that you want to hear.

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