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The Tradelist of Tyrannorabbit

Discussion in 'Trade / For Sale' started by Tyrannorabbit, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. Tyrannorabbit

    Tyrannorabbit Member

    Dec 5, 2001
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    New entries since last update are marked with a *

    Alas, Absolute Purity (goth metal w/Eric Rutan)
    Apes Pigs And Spacemen, Transfusion (melodic/harmonic early 90's rock...think King's X or Saigon Kick)
    The Awful Truth, The Awful Truth (pre-Galactic Cowboys band)
    Balance Of Power, Heathen Machine (power metal)
    Bleeding Through, This Is Love This Is Murderous(gothic metalcore?)
    Brainstorm, Ambiguity (power metal)
    Circle Of Nero, Massive Obliss (stoner rock)
    Cryogenic, Parsifal 21 (German sci-fi metal)
    Darkest Hour, So Sedated, So Secure (metalcore)
    *Dead Of Winter, At The Helm Of The Abyss (raw oldschool black metal)
    Diabolic, Supreme Evil (death metal)
    Dio, Lock Up The Wolves (Dio!)
    Dio, Angry Machines (Dio!)
    Dio, Magica (Dio!)
    Dio, Master Of The Moon (Dio!)
    Eldritch, Headquake (heavier Italian power metal)
    Eldritch, El Nino (heavier Italian power metal)
    Elysium, Dreamlands (much like Amok-era Sentenced, vocals and all)
    Em Sinfonia, In Mourning's Symphony (goth metal)
    Em Sinfonia, Intimate Portrait (goth metal)
    Fragments Of Unbecoming, Skywards: A Sylphe's Ascension (melodic death)
    God Forbid, Out Of Misery (metalcore)
    God Forbid, Determination (moetalcore)
    Hecate Enthroned, Dark Requiems (gothic black a la old Cradle)
    Iced Earth, Alive In Athens (3CD's of live power metal)
    Eric Johnson, Venus Isle (80's guitar hero, pretty mellow stuff)
    Kamelot, The Fourth Legacy (power metal)
    Lacrimas Profundere, Ave End (goth metal)
    Lamb Of God, As The Palaces Burn (metalcore)
    *Necronomicon, Pharaoh Of Gods (Egypt-themed death metal, but not at all like Nile)
    Nightingale, Alive Again (AOR w/Dan Swano)
    Nightingale, Invisible (AOR w/Dan Swano)
    Nightsky Bequest. Keep The Lonely Trees (Bulgarian goth/folk w/chick vox)
    Nightwish, Wishmaster (chicky power metal)
    Nightwish, Once (chicky power metal)
    *Omnium Gatherium, Spirit Of August Light (melodic tech death/thrash)
    *Omnium Gatherium, Years In Waste (melodic tech death/thrash)
    Poisonblack, Escapextasy (gothic rock w/Sentenced singer on guitar)
    Prong, Primitive Origins (old-school thrashy hardcore)
    Prong, Force Fed (old-school thrashy hardcore)
    Prong, Scorpio Rising (comeback album)
    Savatage, The Wake Of Magellan (pomp rock)
    Savatage, Poets & Madmen (pomp rock)
    Shadow, Shadow (melodic death)
    Shockmachine, Shockmachine (Helloween side project...sort of like Grave Digger)
    Siebenburgen, Delictum (sorta like Dimmu minus the keys...feat. wicked "Fuck Like A Beast" cover)
    Siebengurgen, Plagued Be Thy Angel (as above, except with a "Jawbreaker" cover)
    Skymning, Stormchoirs (fast melodic metal played blackened-style)
    Skymning, Artificial Supernova (more industrial/mechanical)
    Skymning, Machina Genova (industrial/mechanical)
    Suffocation, Effigy Of The Forgotten (death-grind)
    Suffocation, Breeding The Spawn (death-grind)
    Suffocation, Souls To Deny (death-grind)
    Suffocation, Despise The Sun (death-grind)
    Sundown, Design 19 (goth rock from Cemetary mastermind, digi w/3 bonus)
    Sundown, Glimmer (goth rock from Cemetary mastermind)
    Symphorce, Phorceful Ahead (power metal)
    Symphorce, Twice Second (power metal)
    Thorazine, Seed The Black Sky (death-grind)
    Thorazine, Geneticide (death-grind)
    Torchbearer, Yersinia Pestis (black/death)
    Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Beethoven's Last Night (Meat-Loafy pomp rock)
    Volkana, Volkana (all-female Brazilian metal)
    Winter Solstice, The Fall Of Rome (metalcore)

    I'll throw any of these in with any trade, if you want them...

    Dearly Beheaded, Chamber Of One (like Machine Head circa The More Things Change... - disc only)
    Engrave, The Rebirth Remasters (slipcase) (thrash)
    Thunderstone, The Burning (slipcase) (AOR)
    Soul Demise, In Vain (slipcase) (semi-melodic death...sorta like Dismember circa Death Metal)


    Ajattara, Kuolema, Tyhjyys
    Ambeon, Fate Of A Dreamer
    The Amenta, Occasus
    Anacrusis, Reason and Suffering Hour
    Atrocity, ask
    Ayreon, Ayreonauts Only
    Bal-Sagoth, The Power Cosmic (reissue with full booklet and lyrics)
    Believer, Extraction From Mortality
    Brocas Helm, Into Battle
    Cannibal Corpse, The Bleeding, Eaten Back To Life uncensored
    Capharnaum, Fractured
    Carcass, Reek Of Putrefaction
    Cemetary, Phantasma
    Chaostar, The Scarlet Queen
    The Chasm, ask
    Alice Cooper, Pretties For You
    Coroner, RIP, Punishment For Decadence
    Cranium, Speed Metal Sentence
    Crimson Glory, ask
    Crotchduster, Big Fat Box Of Shit
    Dark Funeral, Teach Children To Worship Satan
    Dew-Scented, Immortelle
    Dragonforce, Sonic Firestorm
    Earthcubed, ask
    Eidolon, Seven Spirits
    Elis, God's Silence Devil's Temptation
    Empyrean Sky, any
    Empyrium, Where At Night The Wood Grouse Plays
    Eternal Tears Of Sorrow, Sinner's Serenade
    Ewigkeit, Battle Furies, Starscape
    Exhumation, any
    Gehenna, WW
    Green Carnation, Journey To The End Of The Night
    Haggard, Eppor Si Mouve
    Hawkwind, ask
    Hexenhaus, ask
    Impious, Hellucinate
    Inhuman, Inner Fears
    King Diamond, ask
    Las Cruces, S.O.L.
    The Legion, Awakened Fury
    Lid, In The Mushroom
    The Lord Weird Slough Feg, S/T, Traveller
    Luciferion, The Apostate
    Lux Occulta, Major Arcana
    Madder Mortem, Mercury
    Manegarm, Vargaresa
    Manilla Road, The Deluge, Out Of The Abyss
    Guy Mann-Dude, Mannic Distortion
    Manticora, Dead End Solution
    Mechanical Poet, Handmade Essence
    Mercyful Fate, Don't Break The Oath (remaster)
    Moonlyght, Progressive Darkness
    Morgain, ask
    Morgul, Parody Of The Black Mass
    Mundanus Imperium, Ode To The Nightsky
    Orkrist, Grond
    Pagan's Mind, Infinity Divine
    Penumbra, Emanate
    Power Symphony, Futurepast
    Racer X, Second Heat
    Rapture, Futile
    Sabbat (UK), Dream Weaver
    Samael, Era One
    Seth, Divine-X, L'Excellence
    Septic Flesh, Mystic Places Of Dawn, Esoptron
    Shade Empire, Sinthetic
    Derek Sherinian, any
    Skyforger, Latvian Riflemen, Swordsong
    The Snakes, Once Bitten
    Sonata Arctica, Orientation, Takatalvi
    Soul Demise, Blind, Beyond Human Perception, Farewell To The Flesh
    Soulscar, Victim Impact Statement
    Source Of Tide, Dawn Of Tides
    Thorns Vs. Emperor - 2CD
    Turisas, any
    Vagabond, Vagabond
    Steve Vai, Alive In An Ultra World
    Virgin Steele, The House Of Atreus Act 2
    Vomitory, Redemption
    Youthquake (JPN), Evolution Of New Original Metal

    Metal DVD's - ask

    Or, y'know...make offers n' stuff
  2. Chops

    Chops I miss the eighties

    Mar 9, 2005
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    I have "Hall Of The Mountain Grill" (1974 United Artists Records)
    The outer jacket is in fair condition. The record is in good condition and plays fine.
  3. wolf

    wolf seeker of the esoteric

    Feb 6, 2002
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    Portland OR
    Hey I'd like one of the Anathemas and possibly the Helstar if you see more than one of my cds you'd like.My offers

    King Diamond"voodoo"

    Inflames"jester race"

    into eternity"dead or dreaming"

    Steve Vai"passion and warfare" this one is 2 for 1

    Pantera"southern trendkill"

    Sacred Reich"american way" this one is 2 for 1

    Testament"1st strike still deadly"

    Flotsam and Jetsam"doomsday for the deciever" on hold but getting impatient

    Death"sound of perseverance"

    Lacuna Coil"in a reverie"
  4. Tyrannorabbit

    Tyrannorabbit Member

    Dec 5, 2001
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    If you're talking about vinyl, I'm only looking for CD's.
  5. Tyrannorabbit

    Tyrannorabbit Member

    Dec 5, 2001
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    Sorry wolf, don't see anything
  6. Tyrannorabbit

    Tyrannorabbit Member

    Dec 5, 2001
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    Bump for 2 God Forbids, Iced Earth, Korpiklaani
  7. Tyrannorabbit

    Tyrannorabbit Member

    Dec 5, 2001
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    Bump for Brainstorm x 3, Nightwish x 5, Suffocation, Symphorce x 2
  8. Shindry

    Shindry Member

    Jun 21, 2004
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  9. Tyrannorabbit

    Tyrannorabbit Member

    Dec 5, 2001
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    Incredibly for such a giant list, I don't see anything I'm interested in.
  10. ~UlvedaL~

    ~UlvedaL~ Where Lost Souls Travel

    Feb 19, 2002
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    Im interested in your Unholy Ghost and the Suffocation - Souls To Deny..

    Here's my offers:
    Arise - King Of The Cloned Generation <death/thrash> (Spinefarm)
    Borknagar - Quintessence <meldic blackmetal> (Century Media)
    Callenish Circle - My Passion // Your Pain (digi) <death/thrash> (Metal Blade)
    Fear Factory - Obsolete (Roadrunner)
    Judgement Day - 40 Minutes To Impact <deathmetal> (New Aeon Media)
    Orkrist - Reginae Mysterium <fantasy blackmetal> (KRV)
    Taliandörögd - Neverplace <"guitar-melodic" blackmetal> (Adipocere)
    The Heretic - Chemistry For The Soul

    Please answer by mail (

  11. Tyrannorabbit

    Tyrannorabbit Member

    Dec 5, 2001
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    Bump for Winter Solstice, Necronomicon, Omnium Gatherium, Dead Of Winter, and more Suffocation

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