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The Varangian Guard - The Official Turisas Street Team (All basic information)

Discussion in 'Turisas' started by Cari, Nov 22, 2010.

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  1. Cari

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    Jul 7, 2008
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    Alright, there has a, no, THE streetteam been just launched.

    Note: yes, i put this straight in the beginning - give it some time to start rolling and working properly and smoothly. Good things need some time ;)

    You can find it on Facebook:

    If you aren´t on FB, read this please:

    1) Please send your contact information to - let us know who you are, what kind of
    work you would be willing to do AND on which region (country / area).

    2) At the moment we're looking for people :
    a) in Finland to promote the shows in January (Jyväskylä, Seinäjoki and Helsinki)
    b) US/Canadian fans to
    create some buzz for the tour in Feb-March and
    c) fans in Germany / Austria / Switzerland / Hungary etc. for the European tour.

    Let us hear you, send some email!



    What is a street team?

    - A street team is a group of fans working together to promote the band (TURISAS) in their respective area and to help to spread the message.

    - A street team is not primarily a means to meet the band personally or get free tickets to shows - still, we might reward active members of the community and arrange meetings when and where possible.

    - A street team is a great way to ensure that you will get to see the band in your home country, especially in remote locations.

    What does this street team do?

    THE VARANGIAN GUARD community is still under construction, but already now we engage people in action to work together as a whole and/or in local groups on several kinds of promotional jobs. The following are some examples of those:

    - Spreading stickers/ flyers to advertise the band among potential fans

    - Spreading street team concert ads (provided by the organization) for your local concerts

    - Advertising TURISAS and/or their songs/videos on websites such as MySpace, Bebo, Facebook, Twitter, Ping etc.

    - Advertising TURISAS communities, Facebook Page and other profiles and inviting current / potential fans to join.

    - showing example of great TURISAS fans by wearing the red/black colors on your clothes, flags etc. and/ or facepaint ;)

    - Requesting articles about the band in your local magazines by internet/ post/ SMS

    - Checking the availability of TURISAS' releases at your local record stores

    - Requesting appearances of the band on your local TV shows by internet/ post/ SMS

    - Requesting songs/videos on your local radio /TV stations by phone/ internet

    - Voting for TURISAS and/or their songs/videos on internet polls and charts

    Working for a street team is also a great way to meet new people, arrange live meetings with club & festival shows, discuss the band and all things affiliated to them on this Page's discussion forum & our official forum @

    How to join the team?

    At this point, we ask you to join this Page and send an email to so that we can add you to the mailing list. Please write "Street Team Application" on the subject field.

    Later we'll launch a larger community and will then ask you to register (give your contact information etc. in order for us to be able to eg. send promotional items for you to spread).

    As requested by the band organization, there are a few requirements you have to meet in order to join, just so we know you'll make a good street team member:

    -we ask that all the street team members respect the privacy of the band and behave professionally and in a mature manner. The street team administration has the right to reject applications and remove street team members from the team without prior notification if they are not acting in a way that is good for the band. This means that any behaviour that would impair the functioning of the team as a whole may be reason for exclusion from the street team.


    What does it give to you?
    Apart from helping promote TURISAS?
    Being a member of the street team DOES NOT mean that you automatically get free tickets to gigs or get to meet the band (although this might still be arranged at some point). What it does mean is that if TURISAS get better known in your area, then they are likely to have more media appearances. If venues and concert organizers sense the demand, they're more likely to try and book TURISAS for concerts.

    You might receive stickers and/or flyers for promotion use (will be announced later).


    Questions? Ideas, comments? Fill this thread ;)
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