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Their craziest songs. [An in-depth listen.]

Discussion in 'In Flames' started by Midas, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. Midas

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    Jun 15, 2013
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    So I've returned again with some more "audiofreak" stuff. This time it isn't about vocals, but about guitar work.

    A "crazy" song is something I define as a song with very underrated guitar work that doesn't get enough attention.
    To highlight this, I've attempted to copy what is being played. Some things may be wrong, of course, but I've taken great care to get as close as possible, so if not 100% accurate, it is damn close.

    This will keep being updated with more snippets of songs, and things may be improved upon if I hear new things. - It will take quite a lot of time to do this as figuring everything out, and isolating things, is really really hard work. - The clips posted will not be entire songs, only things I personally find inspiring and think people haven't heard before. - Expect daily-to-weekly updates, if that. Again, this is very hard work.

    This said, let's start off with some parts from two songs.

    #1 Bullet Ride
    There is a slight change to the beginning riff, but it occurs at the middle of the song before the breakdown.
    It sounds like this:
    Panning: Right

    The breakdown:
    "It's the cowardice that pulls you under" has a really neat starting section.
    Panning: Right

    #2 Food For The Gods
    There is a background guitar playing along with the chorus of the song that is barely hearable.
    Hopefully after you hear this, you will be able to.
    With Anders:
    Panning: Right

    To be continued.
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