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This Providence – Our Worlds Divorce

Discussion in 'Non-Metal Reviews' started by Russell, Jun 20, 2005.

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    This Providence – Our Worlds Divorce
    Rocketstar Recordings – 2004
    By Russell Garwood


    This Providence play a memorable, and hugely catchy mix between emo, rock, and pop punk. If that doesn’t sound your kind of thing, you might as well stop reading now, as it doesn’t pull any surprises, but if you’re a fan of any of the above genres, Our Worlds Divorce may be the best debut you’ve heard in… well, a while. Unashamedly accessible, completely radio-friendly, the ten songs on this album rely on (chiefly) acoustic guitars, catchy vocal hooks, straight forward drumming and subtle bass. In terms of technical ability there is nothing particularly special on display here, but the song-writing is top notch, with ten tracks that could each easily be a hit in their own right. The mix of styles is pulled off with ease and grace, making for poignant and pervasive atmosphere.

    The immediate accessibility of the music belies its complexity – while this isn’t hugely multifaceted, complicated stuff, some songs seem to have up to three vocals lines in, and clearly a lot of time has been put into Our Worlds Divorce. Perhaps not one for all the metal fans on the site, for any emo or pop-punk fans this is definitely worth checking out. Great stuff.


    Official Rocketstar Recordings website
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