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Thoughts anyone?

Discussion in 'Steve Smyth' started by Steve Smyth, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. flying_whale

    flying_whale Rome 64 C.E.

    May 17, 2006
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    the new meshuggah... I'm trying to stay away from that until they come to seattle in march. The wait is like being 15 and not masturbating for a month, it fucking sucks....
  2. ThrashTillDeath

    ThrashTillDeath Blind Bleeding The Blind

    Dec 11, 2007
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    Windsor, Ontario
    Personally, I do download, alot

    But I have good reason for it
    Yes, I have no money, that helps make it a tough situation
    But it goes like this
    For example, I have the whole Carcass discography, right?
    But I walk into the local music store with some cash and I see Carcass's "Necrotism" and surely, I have it downloaded, but I bought it anyway. Why?
    Two reasons
    1. I want an actual peice of merch, not just a bunch of downloaded songs, I want something to hold in my cd collection that says 'hey, I love Carcass, here it is!' I like reading the booklets and checking out all the pictures and seeing what the cd's look like
    2. I want to blast it through my stereo, I avoid burning CD's so when I finally find the actual CD and finally can afford it, I'll buy it, go home and put it in the Stereo and crank it.
    3. As an added bonus it's showing support to the artist

    There's also an alternate to this, I listen to quite abit of underground artists, musicians that I can't get any access to their music, I have no way of paying for anything online and I'm far from being able to set any of that up anytime soon, and you cannot find nor order their albums at stores around here. All of those artists I downloaded their music because I love their music and I can't deal with the chance of never getting to listen to it. A couple of those bands are going to be coming around here on tour, and I'm going to immediatly buy that same cd I downloaded if they're selling it (I actually e-mailed the one and they said they will be, so I'm looking forward to that :headbang:)

    It's especially with underground artists that I like, the kind of bands that aren't really well known, the one's that nobody's heard of, who are playing local shows in their town more than anything, and going out on a small tour perhaps once every 5-6 months. I see and respect how hard it is for them to get anywhere without purchases, which adds another point to my reasons up there in this particular situation. I will gladly buy their cd's for all the reasons I listed above, and so I can give them some extra money to help them finish that tour or help them pay off the studio for their next recording session, etc.

    That being said, hey Steve, since you're from the Bay Area, I'm assuming the EssenEss cd you're releasing will be findable in San Fran? Because I'm supposed to be going there around Summer and I'm hoping to try and pick that up if I can, I'm just hoping I'll be able to find it while I'm there

    Also, sorry if this was all hard to follow, I'm a little tired so I can't word things too well at the moment :lol:
  3. Genius Gone Insane

    Genius Gone Insane http://www.¯\(°_o)/¯.com

    Aug 19, 2003
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    San Francisco Bay Area
    LOLOLOL!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol:

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