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Thoughts on Trump after his first couple weeks?

Discussion in 'Bar' started by Genius Gone Insane, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. Loren Littlejohn

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    Just so we are clear I think you and I both believe in the classical definition of "alt-right" and not the hijacked version modern Republicans are using it as. People like Richard Spencer would fall under that definition (save the white race, etc... etc...).

    So with that said I find it hard to really believe that Bannon, having hired both a Jewish person and a flamboyant homosexual (people who the alt-right wouldn't really associate with) while at Breitbart would fall under this category. My guess though is that he had no problem buddying up to them to gain power, which as far as I can tell is the real reason he was ok with letting their agenda slide in order to gain power.

    And yes Pence is a cunt. I honestly hope Trump doesn't get removed from office and Pence is the reason.

    I'm sure people do, I doubt you will ever really see an end to racism. I'm just saying that a President being black has nothing to do with the job he does and assuming so just because you don't like the criticism is wrong.

    I really really wanted the ACA to be a good thing. Anyone who hopes a politician is going to fuck you is a bit of an idiot.

    That said, as someone squarely in the middle class and at the median household income level for the area I live in I can tell you it has been a burden that gets heavier and heavier every year.

    Oh yeah the dude seems to just spew nonsense on twitter. In some ways I find it entertaining, in other ways I kind of wish he would do the Obama thing and control his PR with utmost scrutiny while somehow still calling out the media on their bullshit. It seems a double edge sword, on one hand he controls the narrative with twitter, on the other hand we have to listen to him say things that make no sense and come off as embarrassing.

    The key is to not take shit personally. There is no reason to tie your identity to a political party.

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