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To Live & Die On Zug Island (New Book By Ryan Bartek) FREE PDF

Discussion in 'Self-Promotion' started by anomiepsyops, Jul 31, 2019.

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    To Live & Die On Zug Island (Free Book Preview)

    New Book by Ryan Bartek – Out 10.8.19 – 100% DIY

    To Live & Die On Zug Island // Free PDF Preview

    Front Cover:

    Cover Art (& Back):

    PDF Download Link 1 FREE PDF:

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    PDF Download Link 3 FREE PDF:

    Detroit 1990's; Imagine a world that can scarcely be imagined –

    the Old Detroit, at its lowest, spanning the Early 80's – May 2002.

    Imagine the life of a strange teenage male caught in its fringes; 16 in 1997 & indoctrinated with Punk Rock logic & Heavy Metal obsession – that kid reading Spawn comics in a Misfits t-shirt, blasting KMFDM & moshing at Slayer concerts.

    Here we have perhaps the last of the unknown autobiographies concerning this specific specimen of American Youth. Not only does this work uniquely capture such a mindset, but it expresses a commentary on the Detroit Underground of the era: from Outlaw Rave Parties to Extreme Metal gigs, Punk Rock Chaos to The Occult. It is a tale of anguish as much as hilarity – and a poignant tract on drug abuse & mental illness as well.

    This manuscript officially began 9-11-2001 – the author 20, unknown & unpublished – directly following the World Trade Center attacks. As a memoir of an early lifetime, this story offers the full picture of a troubled young man from his birth in 1981 until the completion of the books timeline in Spring 2002.

    While the “current timeframe” is placed firmly as 2001/2002, the actual writing of this book dates as far back as 1995, when the author first began expressing himself sincerely with the written word as his focused medium. Therefore, “To Live & Die On Zug Island” is a patch-work that continually evolved until its 1st completed draft in March 2004, it’s author 23 years old.

    Sitting “on the shelf” 15+ years – here, for the first time ever,

    is Ryan Bartek's “To Live & Die On Zug Island.”

    Available Worldwide via Anomie Press

    anywhere books are sold October 8th 2019 &

    also by Ryan Bartek

    :: Books ::

    Anticlimax Leviathan"

    “The Big Shiny Prison (Volume One)”
    “Fortress Europe (BSP Vol. II)"
    "Return To Fortress Europe (BSP Vol III)"
    “To Live & Die On Zug Island”

    “The Silent Burning”

    :: Records ::

    Vulture Locust "Command Presence" // (2015)
    A.K.A. MABUS “Lord of The Black Sheep” // (2006)
    Sasquatch Agnostic “Complete Mammalography” // (2010)

    The REAL Man In Black “GhostNomad Lives” // (2016)

    SKULLMASTER - “Self-Titled” // (2019)

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