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Tonight we Tap

Discussion in 'Chat' started by OrionAncient, Dec 26, 2015.

  1. OrionAncient

    OrionAncient New Metal Member

    Dec 26, 2015
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    Figured this might be a more appropriate place to put this. An excerpt is below from the last video which I put online, which is over on the Tech forum

    This is a better video, of Unleash the Archers - Tonight we Ride, tapping cover.

    Ill try not to repeat myself from the excerpt below. Ive started doing this with my father, when I was just a wee tween. We would try to tap to songs in his old truck after he picked me up from school. It was just something to do you know? I have continued to do it since then. It has became a hobby, an art form if you will, and a great stress reliever for me. I dont really know how to approach it or talk about it. Most people see it as just having decent rhythm. I prefer to call it tapping, because I found myself realizing over the years, that theres a great variety of rhythms I use(d) frequently for different rhythms, to the point it became technical speaking to someone about it. "No you place your hand there, do this, then that. There. Now you got it. " That type of thing.
    Ive learned that many things about this idea called Rhythm. One individuals version or definition of it can be totally different from a professionals, and yet it can still be considered rhythm. Just like fashion. Hey an olive green puke colored turtleneck and tan kakis on some people look good.
    I have found that you dont have to tap to the actual drums, or beat of the song. You can add a new rhythm, and that can be harmonious to the music. Just like adding a new instrument. Some people are blown away by me doing this, like "omg your hands are so fast", sure I guess so. Others just see it like I said, as something simple, something to kill time. I see it as both. Im sure Im not the only guy out there who does this. But at the urging of my buddy, who thinks I need to show the world my "talent", I figured hey what the hell. The worst that can happen is negative feedback, which Im ok with that.
    All I can say is its not always as easy as it looks. You do develop some arm muscles doing this, and you have to approach it somewhat differently from drumming. This can be some seriously challenging hard work sometimes. And the videos and casual observer may not be able to see the distinct patterns throughout each song, instead clumping them into one distinct pattern. The hardest things about it, is the speed of the tempo, and transitioning to the next patterns, and vice versa. Adapting to new rhythms, or lulls in the music as well. I would say that to the casual observer, it might not look special or anything, but to the doer, trust me, it is. I will be hosting new videos as time goes on, tutorials for those interested, technicalities, etc.

    I have been doing this thing I simple call "tapping" for a little over 15 years. Ive cataloged at least 100+ distinct rhythms possible, but there are many more.

    Simply put tapping, is tapping to music. Either to a beat or rhythm that already exists, or creating a new one that is harmonious to the music, like adding an extra instrument.

    It can be hard to do, especially at many of the higher tempo songs and rhythms. Ive tapped to just about any genre of music out there, but the best is power metal, because it presents a challenge.

    In the video I have linked is me merely showing the speed that can be achieved while both tapping to the actual drums, and showing that one can purposely tap at a faster speed then the present songs speed, and still achieve rhythm.

    I will be hosting new videos, instructions, and the "lore" of tapping in the future.
    First and foremost, it is fun, and a great stress reliever."

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