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TRAV interview...

Discussion in 'Travis Smith' started by chainsawmax, Oct 31, 2006.

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    Since not many of you guys checked that out back then, here's it in the integral version: I conducted this back when OUT FOR BLOOD was released. Hope you enjoy.


    1) OUT FOR BLOOD will be in the stores on Feb. 27th. It's gonna be the 5th SADUS album out there, and actually the 4th work of yours for the dudes out of California. We had CHRONICLES OF CHAOS, ELEMENTS OF ANGER and the DTP DEMO remaster coming from you. The art for the new album displays it all - starting out from the cover: blood everywhere. Was it hard for you to focus on the main concept this time around?
    - Actually, finding the main concept was the hardest part this time around. I mean, I saw the concept that they had overall, and the challenge was trying to visualize it the right way. At first, I had a lot of ideas, and a few worked, but many of them didn't as I wasn't approaching it the right way they weren't saying the right things visually. But with the band's input and ideas, a few pieces came up that were suitable and kept. Some of it has more of a literal representation with the overall vibe adopting more of a raw “old school” feel which I think worked out pretty well.

    2) I see a path of evolution in the SADUS discography - A VISION OF MISERY dealt with the oppression of the mind, anhedonia, misery of the human being itself. ELEMENTS OF ANGER analyzed the ways of wrath: deception, repulsion... aggression. Then comes OUT FOR BLOOD: everything finally explodes into an outburst ot total rage, violence and... madness. How do you see it?
    - Lyrically that's the way I saw it as well. Like this is the breaking point, and here's the result.

    3) Which song is your fave one on this album?
    - I don't know. I haven't heard most of it yet. What I have is killer, as expected.

    4) How do you relate with the art on ELEMENTS OF ANGER, and how did your attitude towards artworks change with time? I kind of noticed a weird growth in your works - your characters appear to be morphing into more surreal beings, incorporating elements of comic art. Almost like you "turned on the distortion" on your style, to explain a world gone mad....
    - I've learned and grown a lot since EOA, I think. I'm not so eager to throw in everything I can think of. In general I'd rather try to find a solid story or concept and then find the best way to represent it. Recently I've tried to experiment with some things, and twist them up a bit and see what happens. It doesn't always work for everyone, but sometimes something comes up that was a bit unexpected, and works in a way I didn't think of before.

    5) Not to spoil the whole thing around... but I think the common listener will be very surprised when s/he'll remove the disc from the jewel case... is that piece the result of your own ideas or, did the band ask you to put that out there? I find it... extremely fitting. Like I said - kind of works in the direction of the path started wtih AVOM and followed by EOM...
    - If it's the one I think you mean, that was Steve's idea. One I really like.

    6) Correct me if I'm wrong - I recall your very first artwork came out as a cover for PSYCHOTIC WALTZ, then I think you came in contacts with Steve... how did it work out? Were you aware of SADUS already, and if so - did you like their music?
    - Oh yeah. I was well aware of Sadus then and already a big fan. Of Steve too, with his work in other bands.

    7) Trav, thank you so much for your precious time - these final lines are all for you... say what you want to!
    - Just, thank you, and I hope you like how it came out. Looking forward to hearing this beast.

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