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UNICORN "The Legend Returns" - Cover, Tracklist, release date: 6th December 2013

Discussion in 'Pure Steel Records' started by steel-prophet, Nov 6, 2013.

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    Feb 11, 2011
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    The release date of the UNICORN album "The Legend Returns" is December 6th, 2013. The preorder phase will start on November 22nd, in our webshop.

    UNICORN are well known to collectors because of their 1987 mini album.
    Not only the nice coverartwork convinces Heavy Metal fans. It's also the typical German 80s Metal which is in high demand today. Finally this album is released for the first time officially on CD.

    A lot of Bonustracks made in the 80s but never have seen the light of day before will pleasure as well as the high end CD-edition in the Heavy Metal Classics-series on Karthago Records. Of course its limited and will be scarce soon!


    1. The Last Command
    2. Eyes On Fire
    3. The Return Of The Legend
    4. Children Of Tomorrow
    5. Fool Games
    6. The Bards Tale – Gelidia
    7. Separation
    8. Goodbye
    9. Your Wildest Dreams
    10. The Hunt
    11. Mary Beth
    12. Stay
    13. Götterdämmerung
    14. Cry Of The Jackal
    Total Playing Time: 72:20 min

    Jürgen Henkelmann – vocals
    Holger Carow – guitars
    Günther Klein – bass
    Manfred Klein – drums
    Michael Blaumeiser - guitars


    “The Legend Returns” @ KARTHAGO RECORDS

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