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upcoming OBITUARY dvd

Discussion in 'Morrigan's Pit' started by Gaunerin, Aug 26, 2006.

  1. Gaunerin

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    Oct 5, 2001
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    ensamhetens vildmark
    24th August is a date that some people will remember for a long time… All due to a FANTASTIC performance given by Obituary – one of the best death metal bands around. And they proved that again last night at one off gig in Stodola Club in Warsaw, Poland. This special show was recorded for the future DVD release, so luckily people who didn’t attend this show will have the opportunity to see what happened there (the release date is planned for November 2006 on Metal Mind Productions).

    Obituary in line-up: John Tardy – vocal, Allen West – guitar, Trevor Peres – guitar, Frank Watkins – bass, Donald Tardy - drums played following tracks:

    • Intro: Rain
    • Redneck Stomp
    • On The Floor
    • Insane
    • Chopped In Half
    • Turned Insideout
    • Dying
    • Intro
    • Internal Bleeding
    • Back To One
    • Find The Arise
    • Back Inside
    • Threatening Skies
    • By The Light
    • Intro
    • Kill For Me
    • Solid State
    • Stand Alone
    • Back From The Dead
    • Drum Solo
    • Lockjaw
    • Slow Death
    • ‘Til Death
    • Slowly We Rot
    Bands members were in ultra TOP form so they easily made the 800-people crowd ecstatic. Great stage design & over 1,5 hour long set recorded by 7 cameras promise great results on the final DVD. Future, yet untitled, DVD will include most if not all of tracks played in Warsaw and also an interview conducted a day earlier, on Wednesday. More details to be announced soon.

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