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Vader-The Art of War E.P.

Discussion in 'Your Reviews' started by Death head, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. Death head

    Death head Member

    Jan 1, 2006
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    I was ready to purchase this disc when Vader toured the States with Decapitated back in December, but to my disapointment the disc was released in Europe in November, and not here until January.
    I finally got this release a couple of weeks ago and it is fantastic. The production, the performance, the songs, which includes the music on the track "Lead Us" written by guitarist Mauser, are all very solid. The disc also includes a bonus video clip for the song "This Is The War." The album is dedicated to Vader's late drummer Doc, who in my opinion was one of the most underrated drummers in death metal. Doc has been replaced, by Datay on drums, not just on this release, but a couple of previous releases from Vader. As I said, I saw Vader in December, and even though a friend of mine saw Datay on tour with them even eariler than that last year, and said he was an excellent drummer, he never truely won me over until this release, and I can easily say Vader made the right choice with this musician. A stand out track on this album is "What Colour Is Your Blood?" this song is all that is Vader.
    The Art of War is a Candlelight USA release, and an awesome way for Vader to start off the year, even if it's only six tracks, but you can't expect much more from an E.P., or it wouldn't be an E.P. If a full length album is anywhere along the lines of this release, be prepared for Vader to lay waste to the metal masses, even more than they have in previous years, with such killer releases as Litany and the more recient Revelations.
  2. Stormwatch

    Stormwatch Cock.

    May 2, 2003
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    Fortress of Arrogance
    There's some small discussion about this in GMD, the thread I started. This EP is up there with Vader's usual top class releases. Daray is an excellent drummer, I LOVED what he did on "The Beast", can't wait for the new album to arrive.

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